Christians of Iraq are victims of religious cleansing

Recently, according to credible news reports that are coming form Iraq, that the Christians of Iraq are the latest casualties of the Muslim extremists who are driven by some of the negative inherited teachings of Muslims theology. In previous posts I have alluded to the many terrible effects of the negative aspects of our Muslim teachings, that has had on the Iraqi people in particular and the world peace in general. The latest victims of these terrible teachings are our brothers and sisters of the Christians faith. These Iraqi Christians have lived in Iraq before the advent of Islam and they have been living peacefully ever since. I personally shared neighbourhood with many Christian families in Baghdad for many years and I found them to be always respectful of our Muslim faith and peace loving people.

Recently some criminal Muslim elements who are belong to the so called “The Islamic state of Iraq”, have began their war of terror against the Iraqi Christian population in the city of Mosul, North of Iraq. They have murdered more than 40 innocents Christians through campaign of bombings to their homes. Furthermore, the Christian community were served notice of threat which compels them to embrace their version of Islam; a version which is utterly rejected by the majority of Muslims, the Sunni Muslims and Shi’a Muslims-or face death. It is worth noting here that the quoted prophetic statement in their notice of threat which was left at every Christian home, was the famous words of the Prophet Muhammad to the various kings and rulers of the world, in which he had invited them to Islam. This statement reads;”aslim taslam– submit (to the will of God) then you will be safe”. These Muslim criminals certainly have extorted this statement and have used it to achieve their political ambitions to dominate the world with their perverted version of Islam. This prophetic statement is often spoken of by many Muslims today, who are intellectually impotent to carefully comprehend the true dimensions of the Prophetic statements because they are blinded by their corrupted hearts, hence, this statement is often taken out of context and to further intimidate our non- Muslim brothers and sisters and subjugate them to religious oppression. When examining this statement “aslim taslam” we shall find there is no threat or intimidation or compulsion into embracing Islam. It is worth noting here is that the words “aslim taslam” are of the same root word “salima “, literally means “to be saved”, its various meanings are; “to be safe, to be secured, peace, prosperity, tranquility,… But those Muslim criminals do not seem to know Arabic or pretend to know what they think is suitable to their political ambitions. They refuse to see the beautiful meanings of these words but instead they only choose to see what they know most and that is how to murder and destroy life.

And this statement; “aslim teslam” is in line with the the Quranic principle “there is no compulsion in the religion, 2:256.” He simply stated to these Kings of his time a simple fact and an inevitable reality to be faced by those who reject God and that is if you were to embrace Islam then the possibilities of success and prosperity, justice to be gained in their kingdom, are endless and it would secure a great future for its people. Here is a sample of one of the letters of the prophet sent to the king of the Byzantines:

“In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
From Muhammad, the slave of Allâh and His Messenger to Hercules, king of the Byzantines. Blessed are those who follow true guidance. I invite you to embrace Islam so that you may live in security. If you come within the fold of Islam, Allâh will give you double reward, but in case you turn your back upon it, then the burden of the sins of all your people shall fall on your shoulders. (1)

Another translated version of this letter: (2)

“In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful (This letter is) from Muhammad the slave of Allah and His Apostle to Heraclius the ruler of Byzantine. Peace be upon him, who follows the right path. Furthermore I invite you to Islam, and if you become a Muslim you will be safe, and Allah will double your reward, and if you reject this invitation of Islam you will be committing a sin by misguiding your Arisiyin (peasants). (And I recite to you Allah’s Statement:) ‘O people of the scripture! Come to a word common to you and us that we worship none but Allah and that we associate nothing in worship with Him, and that none of us shall take others as Lords beside Allah. Then, if they turn away, say: Bear witness that we are Muslims (those who have surrendered to Allah).’ (3:64).”

There is no where in this letter, or in the other letters, which suggest any intimidation or compulsion or face death should they reject the Prophet’s invitation to embrace Islam. The statement clearly allude to the repercussion notion of the rejection of this invitation which states that; “but in case you turn your back upon it, then the burden of the sins of all your people shall fall on your shoulders.” This warning is only related to consequences which would face those who rejected  the invitation, in the Hear after, but there was no earthly consequences to be adopted by the Muslim authorities, such as war, killing, bombing their homes, bombing their churches, etc.. upon their refusal to embracing Islam. In addition, the Prophet informed of the good tidings for them should they embrace Islam, in the Hear after, which stated “If you come within the fold of Islam, Allâh will give you double reward,..”

Furthermore, Muslims should realize that such statement is only reserved by a messenger of God who truly represent the Truth and who is on clear evidence form his Lord and not for anyone else to invoke such statement and then act upon it by raging war and commit blood shed in the name of Islam. This letter was sent to a Christian king, and God has commanded His messenger to invite the people of the book to a common word which could bring all of people of the faith to serve Mankind; ““Say [O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)]: ‘O people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), come to a word that is just between us and you, that we worship none but Allâh, and that we associate no partners with Him, and that none of us shall take others as lords besides Allâh.’3:64″

and Allah SW has told His messenger, in this letter, to inform them of the repercussion of turning away from embracing Islam and God; “Then, if they turn away, say: ‘Bear witness that we are Muslims.’ ” [3:64]”. Hence there is absolutely no uttering death threats, retributions, war, or whatever which could be interpreted as violent actions to be taken against them as a result of turning away, and is not remotely close to what those Muslim criminals today are doing to our Christian brothers and sisters in the name of the beloved Prophet.

What is really painful to know regarding the ethnic cleansing of the Christians of Iraq, is that in the early stage of the Muslim rule during the honorable the rightly guided Khulaf’a, Umer, Abu Bakr, Uthman, and Ali, the Christians of Europe sought sanctuary in the Muslim land and escaped the extremist views of the Christian Roman rule, but today the situation is backward in a very strange way and that is the Muslims are seeking sanctuary in the Christian lands escaping the terrible and inhuman oppressive Muslim rulers. In Iraq for example 500 thousands were killed because of the Muslim takfeeri(2) philosophy. And the Christians of Iraq are being annihilated by the Muslim heroes of the 21 century!!!!!!!!!! it is really shameful when we look back and see that the Christians were living peacefully under the rule of the rightly guided leaders but now the Christians are being murdered and forced to leave their homes.

One more thing I would like to point out here is that those Muslim criminal elements who are terrorizing  the Christians of Iraq are unfortunately belong to the Sunni sect of Islam. Unfortunately they are destroying the beautiful teachings of this great Sunni school of thought. Once again I would like to mention an important fact which I have repeatedly mentioned in other posts regarding the Muslim terrorism, and that is none of these Muslim terrorists are belong to the Shi’a sect of Islam; once again I ask the same question I have asked before, with all love and respect to my Sunni brothers- and I am a Muslim haneef and not a Sunni nor Shi’a- and that is “why most if not all the Muslim terrorists are members of the Sunni school of thoughts in the world today?, please refer to my other post in this regard for further explanations:

Letters of the prophet Muhammad

News media Fox News covering this event

God bless

Waminna assalm


(1) Letters of Prophet Muhammad

(2) Takfeeri philosophy is a type of thinking which declares others to be infidels.

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