Imam Ali meets al-khizir

Here is an article which was published few years ago I am publishing it again because I feel there is a need for it in light of what is happening in our world today. I hope you will enjoy it. God bless.


Imam Ali meets al-khizir (4)

“Ask me before you lose me”

Never in the recorded history of mankind that any man, intellectual, philosopher, or any human social ranking, have the confidence to say to people “ask me before you lose me, that I know about the paths of heavens more than I know of the paths of the Earth(1)”; this statement was uttered by Imam Ali at the Mosque before many Muslims, during the occasion of his election as a forth Caliph. He has not only said such profound statement but surely he has substantiated it with a vast ocean of wisdom which is still being considered the main source of spiritual guidance for all truth seekers from all denominations. It is worth noting here that it seems that all types of people want to claim some kind of relationship to Imam Ali.

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