Imam Ali and the Supreme Victory



“I have achieved victory by the Lord of the Ka’ba” – Imam Ali(1)

These words have been uttered by the lips of a lover who have been eagerly waiting for the eternal meeting with his Beloved. These words still resonate in the very fabric of the cosmos that is al’ha’qq. They have left everlasting impressions on the conscience of realities of every human value. Those words of Ali have imprinted the name of “Ali”, on the forehead of freedom; on the hands of goodness; on the heart of the truth.

All the sublime notions of the cosmos have mourned for this loss and all the magnificent definitions of man have been profoundly shaken and lost its sense of true reality and have been betrayed;

Bravery no longer feels brave;

Gentleness no longer feels gentle;

Devotion no longer feels devoted;

Love no longer feels loved;

Honour no longer feels honoured;

Humility no longer feels humbled;

Wisdom no longer feels wise;

And nothing feels the same, for the champion of these values has been murdered.

But the only human value which have maintained its veracity that is “Victory-fawz” and have truly attained its reality when its embodiment, Ali, have declared when his head was stricken:

“I have achieved victory by the Lord of the Ka’ba”

“fuztu warabul Ka’aba” (3)

And it is indeed the supreme victory, as it is stated in the holy Quran:

“..and this is a triumph supreme. 4:13”
wathalika alfawzu alAAatheemu
وَذَلِكَ الْفَوْزُ الْعَظِيمُ 4:13

The vibrations of these words, of Ali, were felt and heard by the Elites of the entire existence; the Beloved and His Angles. The Beloved immediately sent His words of love and announced the welcoming of His lover, and said:

“O certain soul, return to your Lord pleased and pleased with, and enter among my servants and enter my paradise.89:27-30”

The Angeles have cried out in jubilations for having to meet at last the gate of knowledge and the symbol of bravery and the voice of justice. The Arch Angel Gabriel has shouted what man has done to the manifestation of the living conscience of the cosmos. It was very gloomy announcement to mankind for the profound loss of Ali; Arch Angel Gabriel painfully expressed his emotions and said:

“By God, the pillars of guidance were demolished. Imam Ali has been martyred.(4)”

Imam Ali saw his murderer at the mosque of Kufa but he took no action to stop him; Why stop him when he was about to release his blessed soul from its worldly prison; Ali has been waiting for this to happen; his intimate meeting with the Beloved, as he was told by his beloved cousin Prophet Muhammad of exact details of his fate. How could he prevent his long awaited opportunity to meet his Beloved; to go where he is belong; in the world of pure realities; to take his seat of glory in the circle of God’s chosen ones who are sitting in their divine “ghurfa– honourable station” eagerly waiting for the arrival of Ali’s victorious soul to be saluted in peace:

25:75 Those are the ones who will be rewarded with high station-alghurfa, in heaven, because of their patient constancy: therein shall they be met with salutations and peace,
Olaika yujzawna alghurfata bima sabaroo wayulaqqawna feeha tahiyyatan wasalaman
أُوْلَئِكَ يُجْزَوْنَ الْغُرْفَةَ بِمَا صَبَرُوا وَيُلَقَّوْنَ فِيهَا تَحِيَّةً وَسَلَامًا (25:75)

Such venerable circle near the Majestic vicinity “ladun” of the Beloved is incomplete without Ali’s presence for he had upheld their honour and truthfulness and sanctified their mission. Al’ha’qq have mourned the loss of its companion, Ali, when the Prophet said “Ali is with alh’aqq and alh’aqq is with Ali(4)”;

Ali is a manifestaion of al’ha’q;

no wonder when you said, O Ali, “by Allah if the veil is lifted, my certitude (in Allah) is not increased”

Ya Ali, the only way to commemorate your victory is to be conscious of the Beloved, for you have died for His sake.

Ya Ali, to keep your legacy alive is to adhere to the teachings of your cousin, Prophet Muhammad.

Ya Ali, to mourn you is absurd, for mourning is not suitable in the face of your declared of victory.

Ya Ali, the only way to echo your victory is to preach peace, justice and love among all of God’s creation.

Aren’t those the principles which have gotten you murdered (1), then by God the only way you shall taste your declared victory is for us to uphold those principles of Islam.

Ya Ali it is only you have the guts to say to people:

“ask me before you loose me, so I know of the paths of heaven more than I know of the paths of the earth”;

no one after you, no philosopher, scientist, professor, theologian, or any master of knowledge is confident enough to say such words “ask me before you loose me…” for it will be a clear violation of the principle of “humility”.

But when you said it then “humility” is humbled by you.

Ya Ali, through your conducts and pierced vision of the ultimate truth we were given the chance to have a glimpse at the reality of Muhammad-al’ha’qee’qa alMu’hmadiya.

And you gave us the courage to just ponder at the Glory of the “One”

and created within us the charisma to search for the ultimate trophy of life,

the Lord of the Ka’ba, the Lord of Mankind, so that we can freely echo at last, at the finishing line of our search, your beautiful words ““I have achieved victory by the Lord of the Ka’ba”.

Ya Ali, the best tribute to you is for us to attain the supreme Victory-alfawzul’azeem.

Ya Ali you are an inspiration to all sufis and you are the blue prints for every “‘tari’qa-mystic path” ; Al’hallaj shouted “ana al’ha’qq-I am the truth” which was merely an emulation of your cry ” I have achieved victory by the Lord of the Ka’ba”

O Ali, It is only you who was born inside the Ka’ba and only you who have earned the statement of honour from all lovers of truth “karrama Allah wajhu- Allah has honoured his face” whenever your name is invoked.

Ya Ali, the best way to remember you is for us to remember your Lord,the Lord of the Ka’ba, the non sectarian Lord, the Lord of the universe.

Peace be upon you, O Ali, the day you were born, the day you were martyred and the day you will be resurrected alive.

May Allah keep us on the path of the Supreme Victory of the Beloved.



Photo credit: sakkal design; calligraphy of “love and peace”

(1) This week was the commemoration of Imam Ali’s martyrdom 21st of Ramadan. He was killed during fajr prayer on the hand of “ibn muljim” .It is reported that when Imam Ali was hit by the sword of the assassin “ibn muljim” Then Imam Ali has shouted his famous statement ““I have achieved victory by the Lord of the Ka’ba”

(2) Ya Imamalmuta’qeen-the Imam of the pious ones

(3) Imam Alis statement “fuztu warabul Ka’aba” refers to the same fawz-victory which is mentioned in4:13” wathalika alfawzu alAAatheemu” the term fuztu in Ali’s statement is from the same root word of fawz mentioned in the verse. This follows that Ali’s victory which he announced is that of the Quran in 4:13, of which he was striving to achieve in answering the call of the Quran.

(4) Anthentic traditions which is reported by both Muslim sources Sunni and Shi’a.

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