About Katib


My name is Adill Hissan, Living in Ottawa, Canada. Originally from Iraq.

. Business Man

. Public speaker

. writer

. Scientific background; physics. Philosophy, world Religions; Islam, Buddhism,Gnostic,Sufism

Other Blog:  http://al-insan.ca


10 thoughts on “About Katib”

  1. Salaam Alaikum Katib,

    There are very lofty and noble goals, and may Allah grant you success in achieving them. These are efforts more of us Muslims should undertake, especially living in peaceful coexistence with people from different diversities whether race or religion. Shaykh Hamza Yusuf spoke about this at the ISNA convention just recently, and may more of us take up this goal.

    Wa Salaam

  2. Wa’laikum mshahin

    “These are efforts more of us Muslims should undertake, especially living in peaceful coexistence with people from different diversities whether race or religion.”

    – This is precisely my hope inshaAllah.
    Well expressed and Thank you for your thoughtful words.


  3. Hamza Yusuf is a Bushlim. I’m a Sunni and I love my Shi’a brothers and sisters. I have great respect for Ahmadinejad, and I’m an avid supporter of Hizbullah and Hamas. May Allah swt unite the Muslims, Ameen. We share a common enemy, and we share a common love for the Prophet and his message. We believe in the same Muslim saying, ‘Do not oppress and DO NOT BE oppressed,’.

  4. ‘Assalamu ‘Alayka akh Katib,
    wa assalatu alay’ Muhammad wa ahli Muhammad,
    I’m a brother from Italy, I read you article about fana’ and I very appreciated it.
    Al-Hallaj was not understood by the other people who has not attained the ultimate goal of ma’arifa, and also from those who were not well learned about falasafa.
    Hoping that muslims brother may help the unveiling of the truth.


    1. Wa’alaikum assalam br Mustapha

      I am very delighted to know you have enjoyed my articel ” alfana’ ”
      Yes I wish more people make attempts to pursue the “Truth”

      A. H.

  5. Salaam Alaikum
    brother you are doing great work by writing article on Imam Hussain as few year ago an organization StandwithDignity.org is a campaign to raise awareness about the state of our lives. What do we stand for? What values would we fight for? How often do we have compassion for others? These are questions we urge you to ask yourself. To stand with dignity is to understand mankind’s worth. While we want to encourage people to learn about Imam Hussain, our goal is to first promote reflection on his message
    the team is doing excellent work by putting billboards and running many campaigns however they need new content , if you can help in this area.
    Ali Hasan

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