Takfeer phenomena

In my other posts I have been frank in being critical of both Muslim sects, Sunni and Shi’a for it is done out of care and concerns. Whatever the criticism might be I always consider both of them to be Muslims because both profess “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is His last messenger” which is the principle line which separate between being a Muslim and non-Muslim according to the teaching of the Prophet of Islam.
So this time I would like to zoom in more on the Sunni faith due to what is happening in the world today in relationship to Muslim terrorist activities.
Again I would like to reiterate the fact that I am neither Shi’a nor Sunni rather I am “Muslim Haneef” and I learn from both school of thoughts, so no one could accuse me of being bias for I have been critical of both sects for the sake of Islam.
Sunni and Shi’as are my brothers in Islam and I feel I am obliged to point out to whatever I think is negative in their philosophy. So I do not intend to offend any Sunni Muslim in this essay and I present my sincere apology to all good Sunni Muslims throughout the world or at least to those who happen to read my essay, for being honest about some negative aspects of the Sunni faith.
Having said this I would like to present a very harsh and honest reality about the Sunni branch of Islam and sinserly ask the following question: Why it is most, if not all, terrorist attacks in the world today are committed by Sunni Muslim extremists?
Sunni faith and teaching seems to be inflicted by the horrible disease of terrorism for its seeds are very much ingrained into their teachings. There are many historical accounts which refer to this fact. I prefer not to go into details of these accounts for I do not wish to give ammunitions to Shi’a Muslims or to non-Muslims to instigate hate against my Sunni brothers. I invite all Sunnis to read their history with open eyes.
In recent years this disease have evolved into a new philosophy of hate which is called “the Takfeer” or “the declaration of infidelity” this phenomena is extremely disturbing and capable of destroying their faith in the long run or it is already taken its tolls. This phenomenon has become very evident in their declarations and speeches. Sunnis might say that this is not limited to them only but also the Shi’as are doing the same thing against the Sunnis. It is true that some Shi’as are guilty of this kind of hate philosophy but there is a difference. In the case of the Sunnis, their practice of “Takfeer” does not stop at its verbal declaration or for the purpose of classification in relationship to jurisprudent matters; rather it goes beyond that to the point of shedding the blood of the condemned group.
Muslims should know that declaring someone or any group to be ‘’Kafir-apostate” dose not mean it is lawful to shed their blood. We can see this from Surat Al-Kafiroon 109. In this Sura Allah (SW) instruct the Prophet Mohammad to leave the apostates alone after being warned:

109:1-6 ( SAY: “O you who deny the truth! I do not worship that which you worship,and neither do you worship that which I worship! And I will not worship that which you have [ever] worshipped, and neither will you [ever] worship that which I worship. Unto you, your moral law, and unto me, mine!)

So if Sunnis dose not consider Shi’as to be Muslims it dose not give them the right to shed their blood. The same thing applies with any other apostate groups.
This means that “Takfeer” verdict is not a license to kill. If it is, then there are millions of people in our world who are classified, according to Islamic rules, to be “Kafirs” such as, Buddhists, Hindus, and any other polytheists; dose this mean Sunni scholars condemn to death all those “Kafirs-apostates”?
In fact “Osama bin abi Sufyan” or as he is known “Osama bin Ladin” shed the blood of all Shi’as, moderate Sunnis, Americans, British citizens and God knows who is next.
So I raise a legitimate question to all of the Sunni brothers;
“Why it is all terrorist attacks in the world today are committed by Sunni Muslim extremists?”
I am certain that not all Sunnis condone the philosophy of violence but the question here, as to why are there, within the Sunni branch of Islam, fertile grounds for the emergence of such hate toward their perceived enemy.


5 thoughts on “Takfeer phenomena”

  1. Salaam,

    But is the takfir not pronounced by only certain offshoots of the Sunnis – and among those only a few groups go so far as to legitimize the shedding of blood on the basis of the takfir. Most Sunnis (followers of the 4 schools) disavow such actions as reprehensible. So is it a Sunni problem or an indicator that the influence of certain extremist elements have (in recent times) overshadowed traditional Sunni teachings? Perhaps this is a case of politics subverting religion – the danger is that the damage they do is great especially the damage done through twisted interpretations of religion which allow or encourage the wholesale slaughter of civilians. But this is a case of political expediency or desperation twisting religion, not traditional Sunni Islam pronoucing takfir and approving of the killing of innocents. What do you think?


  2. “So is it a Sunni problem or an indicator that the influence of certain extremist elements have (in recent times) overshadowed traditional Sunni teachings?”
    – First, I could not disagree with the facts you have alluded to and these are to be true to great extent. Having said this, such factors you have mentioned are very much essentially interrelated to each other and influenced by the doctrine of faith. The scale of extrimism is greatly influenced by the level and type of distortions which inflict the theoligical doctrine. If the doctrine is fundamentally flawed then it would lead to a grand scale form of extremism; the majority would actively engages or condones extremism. When you have a distorted doctrine you will have the fertile grounds for extremism. But the phenomena of extremism is a fact of life and you will always have such people in every religion who will try to distort the doctrine for their own political gains. But what makes this situation different is that the majority of Sunnis are not acknowledging such flaws and they do not realize that these flaws are very much ingrained in their philosophy since the early stage of Islam.
    But if you take the western people for example and the problem of extremism you find it not very much prominent in comparison to the Sunni Muslim extremism. The reason I believe is that the western people have abandoned their church by separating church and state. So as a result of this social action the influence of their corrupted doctrine has been limited. Hence the extremist’s influence has been neutralized and its effects are contained and brought to a safe level which would not disrupt life.
    So the progress of such extremist elements is really conditional to the over all legitimisy of the foundations of the embraced philosophy. So if such flaws are not addressed by followers and nothing is done to deal with it then the influence of these extremists on their followers will be very effective. These extremists will have an easier task in recruiting the young of society members and they will succeed in their agendas.
    As I mentioned in my post, that most if not all major terrorists acts are committed by Sunni extremists. For example, none of the 9/11 hijackers is Shi’a or a non Muslim; none of the London bombing is Shi’a and the same with all the major world terrorism today.
    However, the extremists influence factor is always the main dynamic force to sanction such problem. But if the Sunni doctrine was not flawed at the fundamental level then you will not see the problem of terrorism very prominent within the Sunni followers. And in comparison if we take the Shi’a doctrine which, I also believe, suffers from some level of corruption but not at a fundamental level which is the reason for seeing the problem of terrorism within the Shi’a followers not as prominent as with Sunnis.
    So I can say that it is a combanation of theological flaws on a fundamental level and the extremist elements, both would lead to a lethal and dire consequences as we are witnessing whithin the Sunnis branch of Islam.
    I thank you for your thoughts.


  3. I am concerned about terror actions in Pakistan.What is happening here is more due to teachings carried out in madressas about Islam by half literate mullahs who teach hatred against all those who in any way do not agree with their views.Mostly, it is due to the influence of bigotory and backwardness prevailing in Saudi arabia.


  4. those who create terror belong to no religion- terrorism is not supported by any religion- those who kill the innocents by dozens for whatever a reason are blinded and do not know what is right or wrong.

    They are neither Sunnis nor Shias-

    – posted by a muslim who happens to be a sunni


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