Ali was not a Shi’a nor was Umar a Sunni Part-II

Islam versus Shi’a & Sunni

“And hold fast to Rope of Allah, and do not Disunite” Quran


Seemingly, to Ali this was the golden moment; he must seize it to assume the throne of power. This power, Shi’a has been fighting for.
If I were Ali, I would jump at this precious moment, you would do too, and anyone with common sense would accept such offer.

But nay, Ali’s common sense is uncommon. His common sense is not like my common sense, and your common sense, for he is not a common individual.
His mind operates with his pure sense which emanates from his divine disposition” Fitrata Allah” as he states: “I have been born on “fitra” disposition” (2)
Where this “fitra-disposition” never been corrupted by any impurities of this world.
No idol worshiping ever;
no burying new born females or whatever action which might infect his pure nature.
He is the shadow of the prophet.
His common sense draws its energy from the reservoir of the prophetic knowledge, for he is the gate to the prophet’s knowledge, as our beloved messenger declared him to be.
What did Ali do with this offer of revolt against the dear friend of the prophet, Abu Bakr? The man accompanied our beloved messenger in the cave.

Here is what Ali Did;
He refused this offer; offer to the glory of this world!
Why did he refuse?
What was he afraid of?
Was he afraid of the new ruler; Abu Bakr or did he doubt the viability of such offer.
What was his response to their enticing offer?
What did he say to his people regarding his intention to deal with his rightful claim to leadership?
Did he sit down with Al-’Abass and Abu Sufyan for more discussions of this matter?
Did he make specific arraignments for future plan to deal with this issue?
Did he make attempts to conspire with Abu Sufyan against Abu Bakr.

No, none of the above.

Then what did he say to them and to the Muslims.

What he said to Abu Sufyan and the Muslims would only add more mystery to the paradox.
Would only add mystery to the unknown;

Would only add more glory to the man whom we call Ali;

O God… I could only feel the gravity of these moments that he is experiencing.
Between accepting this offer or choose something else which is not in their offer.
The moments of making a decisive choice between accepting the out come of the new nomination or seek his rights to the leadership.

Between the seat of worldly power or the seat of glory of principles
Between unity or disunity
Between order or chaos
Between falling into the abyss of evil or stay in the shining light of “Mohammad”

What did he choose?

He chose Islam

he chose Muslim unity.

he chose the seat of glory of principles.

He chose an offer which was not offered by anyone; this offer was already with him; the pleasure of Allah.

By now, you are eager to hear and read Ali’s words to the Muslims regarding the issue leadership.

These words have been uttered by Imam Ali long ago.
They have been documented by our historians long ago.
They have been repeated by our speakers long ago.
They have been recited on the pulpit by clergies long ago.

But why is it that we seem not to remember them;
We seem not to know they exist, even though its words have stricken our ear drums for so many times; over and over again.

No matter how many times we hear them it will not make any difference.

It will not mean anything.
Our conscious has become numb;
our ears have become def; our hearts have become blind;
our sense of fairness has been suspended.

Because all of our tools of judgment have been seized by the words of our schools of thoughts;
by the words of our religious scholars;
by the words of hate among each other;
by the words of annihilation of the opponent;

As if we never have heard of these words of Ali.

Now let’s relax and think for a moment.
Try to raise your head above the powerful iron bars of your school of though;
for only one moment or as long the words of Ali would lasts.

Here are the words of Ali;
the words of the gate of knowledge;
the words of the father of Al-Hussain;
the words of the brother of “Mohammad”;
the words of the gentle worrier of Islam;

Here are the words of Amirul-mu’mineen Ali Bin Abi Talib;

“O’ People!
Steer clear through the waves of mischief by boats of deliverance, turn away from the path of dissension, and put off the crowns of pride. Prosperous is one who rises with wings (i.e. when he has power) or else he remains peaceful and others enjoy ease. It (i.e. the aspiration for Caliphate) is like turbid water or like a morsel that would suffocate the person who swallows it. One who plucks fruits before ripening is like one who cultivated in another’s field.
If I speak out they would call me greedy towards power but if I keep quiet they would say I was afraid of death. It is a pity that after all the ups and downs (I have been through). By Allah the son of Abu Talib is more familiar with death than an infant with the breast of its mother. I have hidden knowledge, if I disclose it you will start trembling like ropes in deep wells. “ (3)

Surely, if these words are read to the stones, they will shatter them into pieces.

Unfortunately Muslims today, Sunni and Shi’a are steering the “waves of mischief” by “boats” of damnations.
Both are striving to be on “the path of dissension”
Both of them are boasting about their “crowns of pride”
Non of them is willing to be prosperous, by “rising with wings” above the boundaries of their ideologies to seek peace and reconciliation.

This was Ali at time of mischief and divisions.

He gave up his right to the leadership for Islam.

Are we ready to give up our silly disputes for Islam?

To be continued

More on this issue, Until next time

May Allah Bless us all

Foot notes:
1- Nahjul Balagha -Muhammad ‘Abdah-Arabic
2- Nahjul-balagha sermon #5 english version and Khutba page 93 arabic version of Muhamad ‘Abdah
3- Sermon page #159 Muhammad ‘Abdah –Arabic

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