Inspirational Story of “The young Girl Bara’a- الطفلة براءة”

Latest news, June 26th, 2010

With great saddness and sorrow

the little girl Bara’a

has passed away.

We ask the Almighty God

to recieve her soul with

His Love and Mercy.

 “Surely We are belong to God and to Him we shall all return”

2:156 Quran


Inspirational Story of “Bara’a”

Bara’a is a 10 year old girl from Egypt and belong to small happy religious family. Both of her parents are doctors and have moved to Saudi Arabia for better opportunities. Bara’a is a very sweet and intelligent young girl and she succeeded, at this young age, to memorize the entire Quran along with its proper rules. Unfortunately, tragedy was in its way to change the course of life for this young girl.

One day her mother felt a lot of pain and after some medical tests she was diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer. Continue reading “Inspirational Story of “The young Girl Bara’a- الطفلة براءة””