Muslim terrorism, The UK barbaric attack

In light of the barbaric attack on the UK against an off duty British solder, despite the fact that many moderate Muslims condemned this terrorist act, unfortunately Muslims are still in denial of very crucial fact that is our Muslim teachings are seriously flawed and inherently inflicted with the despicable disease of terrorism. It is not enough to condemn Muslim terrorism but Muslims must re-examine their interpretation of their religion before it is too late. I am sick and tired of hearing our  Muslims people and scholars maintain saying that “Islam is a peaceful religion” . Well yes indeed “Islam is a peaceful religion” but “the religion of the Muslim is not”

The Western societies sence of tolerance for Muslim terrorists activities on their soil will reach its limits sooner or later. This latest barbaric attack in London, will create a terrifying scenario for the non Muslim British people and that is there are nearly 3 million Muslims live in the UK and all have access to kitchen knives and meat cleavers. This reality will seriously create fear and profoundly affect the psyche of the non Muslim Brits and will create a terrible back lash against the majority of British Muslims who deplore all acts of violence and they are abiding citizens of UK. Muslims should know that if this kind of an attack committed, by a British individual and justified in the name of Christianity, on the soil of any Muslim country, then the the Muslims of that land,  will attack all Christians of any western background. Their businesses and homes will be destroyed. That is how Muslims behave towards any anti Islamic acts, as recent history shows.

I as a Muslim give my deep condolences to the family of this innocent British solder who had been killed by two Muslims who betrayed the trust they have been given by the British society.


Adill Hissan


Evolution of the Egyptian Revolution

Ever since Mubarak regime ousted from power last year by the incredible Egyptian popular revolution Egypt political future has remained unclear. Tahrir Square protests still ongoing and violence are often the aroma of these events. The sudden eruption of the Egyptian revolution has taken the world by surprise and so have the events of the post revolution period. This phenomena is truly worth studying for all of us particularly those who have an interests in political science. When examining the history of revolutions we shall find that any Revolution is often lead by  a group of revolutionary leaders who take the lead and begin establishing their political vision and embark upon a new governing system and consequently the masses follow the commands of their leaders. But this is not the case with the Egyptian revolution. It has become clear that the Egyptian revolution is very unique in respect to the overall structure of world revolutions. It is leaderless, faceless, and most importantly has no clear vision in the political sense. It lacked political vision and consequently it lost ground to the Islamist movements; as was seen through the latest general elections of “nation assembly -Majlis Alsha’ab” early this year.

One year has already passed since the Egyptian revolution began and it has become very clear that this revolution is still ongoing and there is no sign of an end. This ongoing phenomenon is part of the unique character of this revolution which indicates that the Egyptian revolution is undergoing an evolution. This process of evolution is moving towards a profound goal and that is the freedom of the human spirit. The reason for this unique character, in my opinion, is because the Egyptian youth who are the dynamic force of this revolution, are not satisfied with the overall achievement so far. Their achievements thus far can be classified as a political freedom. The first such achievement, on the political front, is the fall of the Mubarak regime and the second is the general elections which enabled the Islamist elements to win the majority seats.

Certainly this revolution has already achieved one dimension of its goals and that is the political freedom. The people of Egypt have freed themselves from the powerful grip  of political dictatorship. They have yet to achieve the second and most important dimension of their goal and that is their freedom from the clutches of the religious establishment.

In fact the entire Middle East and the Muslim world are yet to achieve their freedom from organized Muslim religion as well as establish religious freedom. What I mean by “freedom from organized Muslim religion” is a freedom from the grip of the self proclaimed guardians of religion. Freedom from the organized religion of Man and begin to freely embrace the religion of universal values of our existence. True religion should be embraced by the free will of Man and not Man is embraced by its oppressive demands. True religion should be with true objective of human freedom which would elevate Man towards his or her true sense of being. Religion whose objective is to serve the human cause and not ask of  Man to serve its creed and encourages him to sacrifice his life for it; as it is the case with Muslim terrorists. Freedom from the organized Muslim religion does not mean to throw away everything to do with this religion and then search for another religion. No and absolutely not, what is required from us as Muslims is to free ourselves from powerful grip of the control of the religious establishment and give them their true size and role in our affairs and the direction of our future. They should be taken as an entity of consultation and not as guardians over our present and future. Their guidance and wisdom and recommendations are to be sought by us and not imposed by them as divine edicts from above the heavens. It becomes our prerogative and choice to adopt or reject their advice and guidance. If their advice is to serve the human cause then we may adopt it otherwise we should be at liberty to reject it without fear of religious condemnation or “declaration of infidelity” or as it is known as “Takfir” Furthermore, there is no religious freedom in the Muslim world. Leaving the organized religion of the Muslims is punishable by death-according to the distorted “Shari’a Laws”; death sentence is issued by the guardian of the religion and not necessarily by the official law of the land. In addition, no non Muslim individual or group are allowed to preach any religion other than Muslim religion and such attempts are prosecutable and may lead to eminent death. In comparison, Muslims in the west are free to practice and preach their religion as well as the freedom to buy a church and convert it into a mosque.

Egypt is a very crucial country for the prospect of true freedom in the Muslim world. It is worth mention that most if not all modern Muslim movements and particularly all modern terrorists Muslim movements; such as AL-Qaeda and its affiliates- have sprung out from Egypt. In other words we can say that “what goes on in Egypt does not stay in Egypt” Hence the dynamic of the Egyptian revolution will profoundly influence and shape up the future of the Muslim world.

In Egypt recently there are some promising signs for the prospect of an important rift between the young generation or the youth of “Tahrir Square” and the Islamist movements. During the continuous peaceful rallies held by the Youth of the Egyptian revolution, in Tahrir square, the Islamist parties made their opposition to such rallies very clear. And they have instructed their followers not to participate in the peaceful Tahrir square protests. These Islamist leaders began to make political concessions to the military supreme Council, merely for the purpose of ascending to power. Now this rift in political vision is very important sign that a new era is beginning to take shape. This era is that of freedom from religious dictatorship which is far more dangerous than the secular dictatorship.

The major problem of the Middle East is not limited to the secular authoritarian regimes but is also related to the religious dictatorship which controls the minds and souls of the Muslims. Both of factors, the secular and religious thrive on the “Fear factor” As for the authoritarian regime opposing the regime means to face the wrath of the beloved leader. As for the theocratic regime, opposing them means to face the wrath of the religious ruler in this world as well as the wrath of their “god” on the Day of Judgement.

Now the Islamist took over the Egyptian parliament through a majority and these Islamist are under the illusion that they succeeded riding on the revolutionary youth to ascend to power but they under-estimated the true strength of this revolution. This revolution does not seek its strength from the backward religious teachings nor any current secular ideology. Rather it seeks its strength from the true human spirit which is destined to live free and aspire to claim its humanness.

The future of the Muslim world will hinge upon its freedom from the tyrannical Muslim religious establishment and it is the only way to embrace the future.

Adill Hissan

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Bara’a has passed away; May God Bless her Soul


With great saddness and sorrow

the little girl Bara’a has passed away.

We ask the Almighty God

to recieve her soul

 with His Love and Mercy.

 “We are belong to God and to Him we shall all return-Quran”


Listen to Bara’a Quran recitation during her stay in the hospital: com/watch? v=NnNS9ID9Ecw&feature=player_ embedded

Here is Bara’a story which was published early this year: Continue reading “Bara’a has passed away; May God Bless her Soul”

Some insights on Muslim disunity

Recently I was asked by a sincere Muslim whose parent are belong to both major Muslim sects, Sunni and Shi’a. His question was very important in respect to the bitter dispute between Sunni and Shi’a which is in reference to the  alleged abuse of the daughter of the holy Prophet (sAaww), Fatima (as), by the first two Muslim Caliphs Umer and Abu Bakr. Due to the importance of this question I am publishing the answer to shed some light on this issue perhaps it may be of benefit to other Muslims who are entangled with the various historical traps which have taken its tole on the Muslim unity and the physical and spiritual well being of all Muslims.

Here is the question and my reply to it.


Comment and question by reader

I have read quite a few of your posts by now and MashAllah I have enjoyed myself reading each of them. I too like to be called a Muslim what we all really are rather than a Shi’a or a Sunni. However my dad’s side is all shi’a and my mom’s side is pretty much all Sunni. I have studied a bit of both schools of thought. There is a tradition that Bibi Fatima was hurt by the 2 caliphs Hazrat Umer in particular and this tradition is found in Sunni books as well. Bibi Fatima also said she didn’t want to see them at her funeral. Furthermore her house was burnt down and the baby she was carrying also died. If this is true, how can one expected to still respect the 3 caliphs?


Adill Hissan, Katib reply:

Wa 3laikum assalam Aun

First I would like to thank you for reading my posts and I am truly delighted to know that you have enjoyed them. And my apology for the delay because it slipped my mind and I thought I have replied to you.
The concerns you have raised in your comment is extremely important and I am certain it is shared by many wonderful young Shi’a Muslims and those who are sincerely trying to find a proper approach to the elements of disputes which has been hampering the progress of Islamic unity among Sunni and Shi’a Muslims.
As you have indicated in your comment above that “my dad’s side is all Shi’a and my mom’s side is pretty much all Sunni”, therefore this put you in a very unique and challenging position. You have a golden opportunity to find a reconciliatory approach in respect to this ugly dispute.

Now in respect to this historical account, regarding the nature of treatment which is allegedly committed by the first two Muslim Caliphs, Umer (rAa) and Abu Bakr (rAa) against the honourable Lady Fatima (as), please know that such allegations have been around for 1400 hundred years and it has played a major role in the breakup of Muslim unity. I am not in favour of dwelling into such issues because it serves no purpose at all and it would absolutely hinder any efforts towards Muslim Unity. However, I allude to some facts in respect to this particular event, and that is this alleged story of abuse recently has been challenged by some prominent Shi’a Muslim scholars, such as Ayatollah Muhammad Hussain Fadtlallah of Lebanon.
Furthermore, For the sake of argument, such allegations do not conform to any logic or social and cultural norms of the Arabs or any race; in other words it is very hard to believe that Imam Ali would not perform his duty as a husband to provide a protection to his wife from the alleged attackers. If you take any ordinary Arab man or any Man, would not let any attackers to get away with attacking his house or wife. What if this Man was Imam Ali who is very well known for his bravery and honor. And worst than that we find Imam Ali has enjoyed a reasonable and good relationship with those two Caliphs or “the abusers of his wife; as alleged” Hence this story does not meet any standard of social or cultural norms.

Furthermore, it is not about whether this story is true or not rather it is about will it serve the general interests of Muslims and the ultimate goals of Islam or not. This dispute is very much related to Imam Ali (as) alone since Bibi Fatima is his wife. It would be more appropriate to see how Imam Ali (as) has dealt with those two respectful Caliphs in light of this alleged account.
I am not in favour of rejecting out right such allegations not because they might be true or not rather it is of no avail to the other side who firmly believe in them. I have learned in my humble experience that Shi’a Muslims are very emotional about this issue and that the majority firmly believe in it. Therefore it would be unfruitful task to disprove its authenticity. It is like telling our Christian brothers that Jesus is not the son of God. Therefore we must focus on what is really relevant to our Muslim needs and aspirations.

Hence, I truly believe that it is important to respect those early Muslim leaders despite whatever alleged abuses on their part for two simple reasons. The first reason is that the major figure of this dispute is Imam Ali (as) and he consistently showed respect and extended his hands of cooperation for the service of Islam and Muslim interests. Those who claim to be the followers of Ali or “shi’at Ali” ought to follow Imam Ali’s example in respect to his dealings and relationship to these Muslim Caliphs. If Shi’a Muslims see themselves not necessarily required to love those leaders in questions but at least they are expected to honour the path of Imam Ali in respect to his relationship to these Muslim leaders and the manner he (as) dealt with them. In addition, if Shi’a Muslims , followers of Ali, may rationalise the peaceful approach of Imam Ali(as) in regard to the alleged incident, and say that because he wanted to prevent bloodshed and preserve Muslim unity or to abide by the prophet (as) instructions regarding leadership issue and etc… I say to that, that all of these sentiments are good assumptions and it is important to remember that these sentiments and concerns are all still very much present and that the same challenges and concerns which had faced the Muslims and Imam Ali, which merited his peaceful approach, calls upon all of us to adopt the same path of Imam Ali towards the companions in question. Today we face the same reasons which led Imam Ali (as) to adopt and take an appropriate course of action to deal with these companions.
The second reason is that these Muslim figures have become part of the Sunni faith and they represent the main principles of their religious doctrine. Hence respecting them has become detrimental to the prospects of Muslim unity. In other words to respect those leaders is respecting Muslim unity and the integrity of Islam. And respecting them is no longer about their persons rather is about the integrity of Muslim unity and progress, as Imam Ali who has done just that.
Muslims must be prepared to make some sacrifices for the sake of Muslim unity and the general Muslim interests. It cost nothing to show respect but it cost a lot not to.
Shi’a Muslims are not required to go around and shout to the world their respect to these Caliphs rather they must abstain from disrespecting them at least as show of respect to Imam Ali who has never disrespected them while he expressed his bitter disagreement over the issue of leadership but maintained his line of respect to them. And Allah knows best.

God Bless

Waminna Assalam


Inspirational Story of “The young Girl Bara’a- الطفلة براءة”

Latest news, June 26th, 2010

With great saddness and sorrow

the little girl Bara’a

has passed away.

We ask the Almighty God

to recieve her soul with

His Love and Mercy.

 “Surely We are belong to God and to Him we shall all return”

2:156 Quran


Inspirational Story of “Bara’a”

Bara’a is a 10 year old girl from Egypt and belong to small happy religious family. Both of her parents are doctors and have moved to Saudi Arabia for better opportunities. Bara’a is a very sweet and intelligent young girl and she succeeded, at this young age, to memorize the entire Quran along with its proper rules. Unfortunately, tragedy was in its way to change the course of life for this young girl.

One day her mother felt a lot of pain and after some medical tests she was diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer. Continue reading “Inspirational Story of “The young Girl Bara’a- الطفلة براءة””

Some insights on the notion of Takfir or declaration of Infidelity

It is time for all Muslims, average or scholar, to abandon the “Takfeeri” approach and stop at the Universal Divine Red Line which was drawn by the Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad (sAaww), “Whoever utters; there is No god but Allah” has a divine immunity from Allah the creator of all Mankind.

Some insights on the notion of  Takfeer or “declaration of Infidelity

The Root causes of Muslim Terrorism

Recent controversial comments, issued by Saudi Cleric, Sheikh Muhamad Al-’uraifi, in relation to the latest civil war in Yemen, between the Shi’as of Yemen called “al-huthiyyeen”, have outraged the Shi’a Muslims around the world. Those comments were inflammatory against the Grand Ayatullah Ali Sistani and the Shi’a faith. According to news sources, these comments were politically motivated due to the Saudi involvement in the Yemeni military conflict. According to these sources the Huthiyyeen have requested the participation of Ayatullah Sistani should there be any peace negotiations. Continue reading “Some insights on the notion of Takfir or declaration of Infidelity”