Muslim terrorism, The UK barbaric attack

In light of the barbaric attack on the UK against an off duty British solder, despite the fact that many moderate Muslims condemned this terrorist act, unfortunately Muslims are still in denial of very crucial fact that is our Muslim teachings are seriously flawed and inherently inflicted with the despicable disease of terrorism. It is not enough to condemn Muslim terrorism but Muslims must re-examine their interpretation of their religion before it is too late. I am sick and tired of hearing our  Muslims people and scholars maintain saying that “Islam is a peaceful religion” . Well yes indeed “Islam is a peaceful religion” but “the religion of the Muslim is not”

The Western societies sence of tolerance for Muslim terrorists activities on their soil will reach its limits sooner or later. This latest barbaric attack in London, will create a terrifying scenario for the non Muslim British people and that is there are nearly 3 million Muslims live in the UK and all have access to kitchen knives and meat cleavers. This reality will seriously create fear and profoundly affect the psyche of the non Muslim Brits and will create a terrible back lash against the majority of British Muslims who deplore all acts of violence and they are abiding citizens of UK. Muslims should know that if this kind of an attack committed, by a British individual and justified in the name of Christianity, on the soil of any Muslim country, then the the Muslims of that land,  will attack all Christians of any western background. Their businesses and homes will be destroyed. That is how Muslims behave towards any anti Islamic acts, as recent history shows.

I as a Muslim give my deep condolences to the family of this innocent British solder who had been killed by two Muslims who betrayed the trust they have been given by the British society.


Adill Hissan

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