The Night of al-Qadr

The Night of al-Qadr

The Night Of  Honor

Metaphysical perspective


The night of al’Qadr is a representation of the Glory and Majesty of the Almighty God. In this night God is revealing the secret of His sublime Omnipotence and His Lordship over the dominion of all dimensions of existence. In this Blessed night the Beloved makes an unprecedented gesture to reveal His Majesty and Might to all creations even though his creation may not necessarily seek Him. But alwadood-fountain of Love, will not hesitate to manifest His Splendour and Love to all creations indiscriminately. It is a night through which knowing the divine attributes of the Beloved is made possible. Throughout the year Man may fail to draw near the Beloved due to the various worldly veils and acquisitive factors despite the many sincere attempts by many true lovers of the Divine. So it is the Beloved who is drawing near His true servants and it is His way to appreciate such attempts.

He (SW) sends waves of Angels and the mysterious heavenly creation, called; “the Spirit-al Ru’h”, to the lower world for the purpose of administrating all of the vital needs of existence and to touch upon the hearts of His true lovers. In this night many gates of divine knowledge may open to those who knock on them.

All the realities of His attributes are manifested to the hearts of all of truth seekers who strive to assign the rightful prestige and honour to the Beloved. In recognising that He is the source of whatever man has achieved and may achieve. Humanity has always failed to recognise the Omnipotence of God and to give Him His due Majestic Stature and Honour, as He stated in His divine words:

 39:67 And they did not value God’s rightful Majesty,

      وَمَا قَدَرُوا اللَّهَ حَقَّ قَدْرِهِ

But it is through this night humanity is invited to truly ponder about the essence of our existence and the Majestic presence of the Absolute Being in all aspects of life, and to explore the various stations of the divine knowledge of the cosmos.

To ascend upward in the mysterious realms of the Beloved, and ultimately we can succeed in recognizing and restoring the rightful Honour and Majesty of God in respect to the absolute dependency of the entire realms of existence upon His divine mercy and Love, the creator and Necessary Being.

The Night of Al-Qadr represents the divine journey of the soul through the longitudinal dimension of existence.

 God desired to reveal to mankind some of the hidden divine actions and commands which are responsible for the full administration and maintenance of the lower world. Hence it establishes an intimate relationship between God and his servants. In this night Allah permits the servant to influence the divine decrees which are detrimental to his or her future outcomes.

And this night represent the disclosure of the execution of God’s wise commands in the universe, as indicated in.44:4

44:4 Whereupon every wise command is distinguished….(1)

Feeha yufraqu kullu amrin hakeemin

فِيهَا يُفْرَقُ كُلُّ أَمْرٍ حَكِيمٍ 44:4

The above verse allude to a profound metaphysical concept which is related to Man’s universal knowledge in all aspects of live. This above verse suggests that Man is enabled to recognize the wise acts or matters from that unwise. In other words, Man is able to pursue the right course of action towards prosperity and success. The al-Mighty God unveil some elements of human knowledge on both dimensions, spiritual and ephemeral. This process is continuously in progress every Month of Ramadan. God wants Man to create and innovate and advance in all of the human sciences to further elevate the inevitable human suffering and conditions. This fact can be seen in respect to the incredible advancements of human knowledge in all fields of life. This verse should not be given only a religious meaning in respect to piety and God fearing as often Muslims told by their respected scholars. What is important to God is the pursuant of knowledge for the mere purpose of serving humanity which is God supreme innovation.

And God bestows peace “salaam” and tranquility upon the hearts of mankind and His lovers if we truly seek His pleasure


Adill Hissan

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