Bara’a has passed away; May God Bless her Soul


With great saddness and sorrow

the little girl Bara’a has passed away.

We ask the Almighty God

to recieve her soul

 with His Love and Mercy.

 “We are belong to God and to Him we shall all return-Quran”


Listen to Bara’a Quran recitation during her stay in the hospital: com/watch? v=NnNS9ID9Ecw&feature=player_ embedded

Here is Bara’a story which was published early this year:

Inspirational Story of “Bara’a”

Bara’a is a 10 year old girl from Egypt and belong to small happy religious family. Both of her parents are doctors and have moved to Saudi Arabia for better opportunities. Bara’a is a very sweet and intelligent young girl and she succeeded, at this young age, to memorize the entire Quran along with its proper rules. Unfortunately, tragedy was in its way to change the course of life for this young girl.

One day her mother felt a lot of pain and after some medical tests she was diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer. Then her mother began to think about her young girl’s future and how she can tell “Bara’a” of the devastating news. How she would wake up one day without her mother besides her. Afterward the mother decided to tell her daughter and said:

“Mommy will soon be going to Heaven, ahead of you, sweet heart”

She emphasized to her that she should continue reciting the Holy Quran everyday which would protect her and keep her safe in this life.  At this time Bara’a could not fully comprehend what lays ahead. Soon after, she began to recognize the gravity of the matter when her mother’s health deteriorated and she was admitted to the hospital. Then Bara’a began going to visit her mother at the hospital every day after school and recite the holy Quran next to her mother’s bed until late in the afternoon. She keeps doing that until her father would come from work to pick her up.

One morning the hospital called the house and asked Bara’a’s father to come to the hospital immediately for his wife’s health has gone for the worse and she was near death. The father immediately took his daughter Bara’a and left for the hospital, but he did not inform his daughter what was going on with her mother. When they arrived at the hospital he thought to himself that he should leave his daughter in the car so that she would not be shocked of whatever is waiting to happen to her mother. Therefore he asked his daughter to stay in the car while he finds out more of her mother’s situation and he assured her he would be back in a few minutes. He stepped out of the car and his eyes are filled with tears; bewildered of the grim news of the fate of his wife. While he was walking away from his car Bara’a was watching him crossing then another tragedy hit; he was struck by an incoming bus and was killed immediately. She ran out of her car hysterically and threw herself at her father‘s dead body.

Bara’a’s tragic events do not end here. The hospital staff did not tell Bara’a’s sick mother, who was fighting for her life at the hospital, of the death of her husband which occurred on his way to see her. Five days after, Bara’s mother lost her battle with cancer and died leaving Bara’a alone in Saudia Arabia with no family members nor  relatives. She lost her mother and father in the same week.  Some friends and good people who were touched by the tragedy of Bara’a story attempted to help her to return to her grand parent family back in Egypt. While arrangements were under way to send Bara’a home, another tragedy came her way again but this time she was the target. She experienced a sudden pain and after some medical test sure enough she was diagnosed with same form of cancer which killed her mother. At this point, when Bara’a was told of her diagnosis of cancer she smiled and said: all praise be to Allah, at last, I will be seeing my Baba and Mama soon.

It is extraordinary to see this young child  welcome death and accept the decree of God which has befallen upon her.

Bara’s tragic story became known in Saudia Arabia then an anonymous Saudi Man, a good Samaritan, decided to send Bara’a to London for medical treatment. While Bara’a was being treated in the hospital in London she was interviewed by an  Egyptian TV station, called al-Hafiz TV. She was asked to recite verses from the holy Quran aired for a special program dedicated to Quran recitation. Her recitation was powerful and heavenly sweet and brought tears to the program anchor. I am certain it will bring tears to anyone who listens to her beautiful recitation (see link below).

The cancer has taken its toll on Bara’s health and she went through a lot of pain and suffering in the hospital. She was going into commas periodically. During these difficult times, another TV station interviewed her in the hospital and asked her to recite a song about the Mother and orphans. She made millions crying in the Arab world while she was singing .

Days past and she continues living at the mercy of the cancer which by now has spread to her legs which doctors decided to amputate in an attempt to limit the spread of her cancer. During these difficult times she has continued to go into comma periodically but when she is awake she begins to recite Quran to keep her spirit alive. Days passed, the cancer spread to her brain and doctors decided to perform brain surgery to remove the cancer cells. She is still in the hospital fighting for her life. So please remember her in your Du’a and May Allah the most High save her life.

Updates on Bara’a’s health

Feb, 15th,2010

اخر اخبار براءة
دعواتكم لها لانها تمر بمرحلة صعبة جدا
والعملية الاخيرة سببت لها الم كبير جدا

لاتنسوها بصالح دعائكم دعواتكم

Please intensify your Du’a because she is going through a very difficult time. Her last operation caused her great pain.

الحمد لله تعالى خرجت براءة اليوم منذ قليل من العناية بعد اجراء عملية هامة جدا دعواؤكم لها بالشفاء العاجل جزاكم الله ىخيرا جميعا واذكركم  لسماع صوتها التواصل مع

Praise be to God Almighty, Bara’a came out today from her extensive care after under gone an important operation. Please we ask for your Du’a for her speedy recovery and to remind you to hear her voice on radio;

ابو براءة

“All praise be to God, Bara’a is getting better. She is now under very extensive and important course of treatment. So please continue offering Du’a for her recovery. (source; abu Bara’a on Feb 12, 2010, see comment below)”

Please note: For Arabic speakings readers, for news updates regarding the health status of Bara’a there is an Arabic website dedicated to Bara’a:

And an Arabic Radio broadcasting called “Radio Bara’a” and can be linked at:

And you can email  your questions about Bara’a to:

or you can call: 0020183260290 for the latest news about Bara’a.

And for more updates read the comments below, for some comments convey fresh news about Bara’a

And for the English readers, I will try to post any updates periodically on this website.

You can listen to her recitation on the links below. com/watch? v=NnNS9ID9Ecw&feature=player_ embedded com/watch? v=gkIO02s6Ywg&feature=player_ embedded

Here is the English translation for the orphan song which was sung beautifully by this girl Bara’a. So before you listen the to the third link below you may want to read the lyrics of that song below .. com/watch? v=yD5S-jtxFls&feature=player_ embedded

O tear of the Orphan
O painful letters
My father has died,
so tell the merciful souls
O tear of the Orphan

O tear of the Orphan
O painful letters

My father has died,
so who is there for me,
to throw love around me

O tear of the Orphan

Tell them so that I may,
Get generous hands
Get generous hands
O tear of the Orphan
O painful letters
My father has died,
so tell the merciful souls
O tear of the Orphan
Tell them the story of the young,
Who have gone to bed without guardian,
O broken tears
O tear of the Orphan
O painful letters
My dear fathers;
the speech has frozen in the mouth
And we are left with an orphaned tears…
with an orphaned tears…
with an orphaned tears…
with an orphaned tears…


32 thoughts on “Bara’a has passed away; May God Bless her Soul”

  1. Assalamu alikum all

    YES …


    Brarra.. you really touched our souls!!!!!


  2. ”We are belong to God and to Him we shall all return-Quran” May Allah bless the soul and family,Aameen Yaa Rabbal Aalameen….!


  3. innaa lillahi wa inna illaihi raajiyoon! may almighty allah rest her soul in jannathul firdhaus with her parents….amen!!!


  4. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajioun. May Allah The Most High, Reunite her with her mummy and daddy in Jannah Firdaus


  5. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’oon..
    may allah re-unite her in jannah with her parents ameen!

    Please remove her picture, otherwise it will just be harder for her..


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  7. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’oon…
    she surely is in paradise now…and ALLAH does plan what is best for us…May she rest in peace…she has left this earth with millions praying for her now that she is gone…she surely will be happy now
    love u sweet barra’a…pray for us as we are praying for u


  8. may god bless ur soul little angel……r.i.p
    today i cried so much hearing your soft voice
    and i wish i can read quran like you princess


  9. oh muslim brothers and sisters we should not cry tears of sadness for this beautiful girl!!! we should cry tears of happiness because she is in jannah inshallah and we should be crying for our selves and make constent ibadah to allah swt so we can enter jannaat al firdous inshallah. may allah swt grant bara’ah and her family in jannah firdous together.amen


  10. salamo alikom
    I do not thi k she is died please if she is really died ensure me with that. she is really an innocent who shoed to us how should we live and behave with Kuran which we have forgotten. she was a great sign from Allah to show that there is no sustainer except Him ad he shows to us how this little girl was sustained even if there parents died and all people rich and poor strived to provide for her like the story of Meriem the mother of the prophet Issa when she was born all the tribe competed to prtovide for her. Barra’a was one sign to remind us of who is the sustainer and who is the subduer and who is the Healer any one except Allah
    please my Brother ad sister never froget Bara’a because she was a clear innocence for love and patience and belief and most she expresses the most submition to the Al Almighty Allah who gets her to His heaven incha Allah because she revived our hearts all with Kuran and cooperation and brotherhood and sisterhood which we have forgotten, I really say we forgot that we are muslims brothers and sisters who should care about themselves and
    ask after themselves. What i want to mean please don not forget each other after the death of Bara’a there are others like Bara’a who need oue help, smile, love, affection, money Bara’a was a message from Allah thus we should consider it well. May Allah grant her ans her parents and all the muslims ALJANA
    wasalamo aliko wara7mato ALLAHI
    Wa salla Allaho alla Muhamed (PBUH)


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