The perception of the Truth

The perception of the Truth

An intellectually defined truth is not Real by necessity, for any given definition of the Truth is bounded by the specific intellectual constraints. Hence such definition of the Truth is mere relative and not absolute.

When our intellect claims that it knows the Absolute Truth then such claim, necessarily do not represent the Absolute Truth, in the absolute sense. For such claim is only sought by the material intellect, which is veiled from the Ultimate Truth.

But when the intellect claims that it is striving to pursue the Ultimate Truth then such attempts represent the journey towards the Ultimate Truth. For in this journey the material intellect-al’aql al-maaddi, would not venture into these high Realities rather the Divine intellect-al’aql al Qudsi, is more suitable to explore such journey. The Divine Intellect does not dare to claim that it knows the Truth, for the Exalted nature of the Truth enables this Divine Intellect to perceive its irrelevancy in relation to the Ultimate Truth.


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