The Ultimate Truth and the First Intellect

The Ultimate Truth and the First Intellect

Al-Ha’qq wal ‘aql al awwal

Metaphysical perspective

Al’ha’qq (1) is true representation of the creative aspect of God’s Essence. God has manifested His creative aspect of His essence through the principle of al’ha’qq; “He is the Truth- huwa al’ha’qq– Quran”. Since the nature of God’s Essence “’thatul Allah” is unknown and cannot be comprehended by Man’s intellect nor his heart therefore the nature of the principle of al’ha’qq remains mysterious and we can only comprehend its manifestations “tajal-liyat” through the reflections of His Essence which is represented by the Divine Effusion of Existence “al fayth al-wujudi al-muqadas

Al’ha’qq is the divine urge of the First Intellect- al ‘aql al awwal, to perceive itself and its relationship with the rest of existence. And its divine desire to exercise its hidden wisdom and justice.

Hence, it is the First Intellect’s ability to preserve its Rights toward itself and other entities in its domain in accordance to the divinely decreed Balance, al-Mizan, of the cosmos.

Al’ha’qq is the essence of wisdom for it is through wisdom the First Intellect perceives the Realities of the cosmos in its purest forms, at all levels of existence. By virtue of divine necessity, the First Intellect’s desire to maintain the divine balance of existence, al-Mizan, is driven by its pure wisdom.

The First Intellect has manifested its divine predisposition of perceptions, of the principle of al’ha’qq, for its urge or Necessary Desire to preserve the Cosmological Balance, al-Mizan, of existence.

These Exalted notions necessarily permeate the entire domain of existence in accordance to their hierarchical order of existence.

And Allah knows best.


footnotes: (1) Al’ha’qq is known in English as “the Ultimate Truth” and it is often anglicized to various forms; “Al Haq; al-haq; ‘al-ha’q or al’ha’qq.” or some other forms.



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