Loving the orphan

Unfortunately the main source of “orphans” today, in the Muslim world, is mainly caused by Muslim extremist views in respect to “Jihad”. The new definition of Jihad by the majority of Muslim scholars permits the killings of innocent people in their struggle for “Islamic rule” It suggests that those Muslims who get killed in the process of their Jihadi operations, are to be considered as “martyrs” and are going to “Paradise” Well those scholars are very generous in doing so. This kind of religious judgment seems very fancy and religiously coated. It is in reality not different from the western definition of “the casualties of war” and it is called; “collateral damage” But the only difference, according to these Muslims,  is that those who are murdered by our Muslim Jihadis are granted “Paradise” by their murderer! Wait a minute, did I say “Paradise” is granted by their Murderers; Yes I did.

Certainly this alleged “Paradise” may be granted, by the Will of God alone, to anyone who is killed wrongfully and that “Paradise” is not to be granted by anyone to others rather is ultimately decided by the Supreme Judge “Allah the most high”. And to the dismay of those Muslim criminal elements who preach such philosophy of death and hate, that they themselves, if Allah wills, may not be granted the “Paradise” which they are generously distributing to others. This declaration of infidelity verdicts “takfeer fatwa” are issued against others who hold different religious views in respect to theological matters and interpretation of the Quran and traditions of the prophet and are not related to the fundamentals tenets of Islam.

What I find very disturbing and comical here  is that those Muslims who grant Paradise to others, they themselves are not necessarily granted “Paradise” for certain, because it is God alone who ultimately decide on such matter. Then how dare those Muslims grant something which is not belong to them, in the first place,  and are not necessarily granted to them or have any guaranties from God.

This hateful philosophy has produced thousands of “Orphans” in the world today as a result of their murderous campaign of terror under many pretext, such as, occupation, Western anti Islamic policies, takfeer of Rafidhees or Shi’as (2), takfeer philosophy against any Muslim who do not subscribe to the “ahlul Sunna wal Jama’a” branch of Islam, and son on.

Now what about those who get killed in the process of their Jihadi struggle and are not Muslims. I will leave it to you, the reader, to ponder about their fate.

The other cause of “orphans” is the irresponsible behaviors and immature political vision by many Muslim movements which would give a pretext to the opponents and provoke a devastating military response which would cause tremendous destruction and death. Such groups are Hamas, Hezboallah and others. Both have brought death and lose of lives to their people, and divine victory were declared by both groups!!!! May be it is victory from their perspective and that is both still hold power.

So allow me to remind my self and the peace loving Muslims to remember the orphans of our own makings and reflect upon this Prophetic hadith;

It is narrated that the Holy Prophet of Allah, in respect to the merits of Ramadan, has said to Imam Ali: “O Ali, whoever let his hands touches the head of an orphan out of mercy; Allah the Most high shall give him “light-noor” for every hair (he had touched) in the Hereafter… hadith,

روي عن رسول الله (صلى الله عليه وآله) في فضل شهر رمضان : يا علي !.. مَنْ مسح يده على رأس يتيم ترحّماً له ، أعطاه الله عزّ وجلّ بكل شعرة نوراً يوم القيامة



(1) hadith is Translated from the Arabic by: A. H Katib

(2) the term rafidhy is often thrown on the Shi’a Muslims by the main stream Muslims “ahlul Sunna waljama’a” and it literaly means “the rejectors or refusers” of the leadership of the first three Muslims “khalifs” Abu Bakr, Umer, and Uthman. According to the view of “ahlil Sunna waljama’a” that rejecting the leadership of those companions merits the status of “kufr” . Such view was the main dynamic force in the recent bloody sectarian conflict in Iraq, which has caused the killings of more than 500 hundred thousands of Shi’a Muslims in Iraq.

2 thoughts on “Loving the orphan”

  1. The new definition of Jihad by the majority of Muslim scholars permits the killings of innocent people in their struggle for “Islamic rule”

    I’m sorry but the majority of scholars say the opposite, you seem to be out of touch with the real world.


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