The price of democracy in the Muslim world

Since the American intervention in Iraq and the new political system which was adopted, the Iraqi people were enabled to embrace democracy the first time in more than 1400 years during which they have been under many various brutal rules and governments under different political banners and Empires; starting with the Umayad Empire, Abbasyed Empire, and down to the Ottoman’s Empire, and the more recent dictatorships which are in control till this day. All of these various Muslim Empires and Muslim governments have one thing in common and that is brutality, forcible subjugation, torture, intimidation, and many other chauvinistic practices designed to deprive people from their own humanity and dignity and prevent them from being able to live free human being with freedom of expression and to truly aspire to a better future. The irony in Iraq is that they have undergone a fundamental socio-political change to rule themselves but such change brought about a tornado of fear in the heart of all of the Muslim ruling establishments in the world, particularly in the Middle East. As a result those political ruling elites have launched their venomous propaganda tactics through utilizing the media and supporting various Muslim extremist groups to cause mischief and disruption of life in Iraq.

As I have mentioned in my previous postings regarding Iraq and Muslim extremism, it is established fact that the political change was embraced by the Shi’as of Iraq in its early stage but not so by the Sunnis. Consequently the Sunni Muslim establishment, in Iraq and other Muslim countries, have denounced all democratic elections, in Iraq,  since 2003, and they have supported and harboured the criminal elements of Al-Qaeda. This situation have caused the killings of nearly 500 thousands of innocents Iraqis and setting back all prospects of rebuilding Iraq. But this political and religious stand towards the new Iraq have taken a sharp turn when a fundamental disagreement between al Qaeda in Iraq and the Sunni insurgency of Iraq which had led to a major armed conflict between them during 2006. As a result of this new reality it gave the birth of new military force in the Sunni areas and they called themselves “the awakening councils” which were a potent force against al Qaeda and it had delivered a devastating blow to the global aspirations of Al Qaeda.

Recently there are many good news coming out from Iraq regarding the provisional elections. In the past five years there had been three elections but none of them really carry a true political meaning as this one, because in past elections the majority of Sunnis of Iraq were not on board as this time around. This is very promising prospects for the new Iraq. According to all news media, Iraqis, Arabs and western, the Sunnis of Iraq have finally accepted the new reality in Iraq. And they have discovered the hard way that the Muslim extremists elements, such as, al Qaeda, Ansarul Sunna, Wahabis, Salafies or any other Muslim group who embraces the philosophy of takfeer against other unifiers, all of which are absolutely do not represent the true spirit of Islam and do not offer anything to the plight of the Iraqi people and the human race in general.

Iraqis have come a long way to embrace democracy. This new political democratic philosophy in Iraq have emerged from the ashes of the sectarian violence and have been nourished with the blood of all of the innocents who have fallen in this conflict.

What is really worth noting here is that history will acknowledge one important fact, whether we like it or not, that this new democratic political reality in Iraq is to be attributed to the legacy of the American intervention which have rooted out one of the most despotic regime of our times. And history will also write that a Muslim nation was enabled by a non-Muslim power to claim their future and dignity and be able to choose their leaders freely, regardless of the true political motives of this non-Muslim power; Americans. No one stopped any Muslim power to pursue their agendas and national interests, as the Americans did, and save the Iraqi people from the brutality of Saddam’s regimes.  I also believe that the liberation of Iraq, or if you will, the invasion of Iraq, is the most honarable ‘UNINTENDED” good act of the Americans so far.

It is only a mater of time the new democratic prospects in the Muslim world will gain its own momentum and nothing will stop it, not the money of the Wahabis, or the venomous force of all Muslim extremists, takfeeris, and brutal Muslim regimes.

Change is coming to the Muslim world with God’s Will, and Iraq will be the new democratic inspiration for all.


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BBC article link below, on Iraq’s provisional elections:

Sunni Arabs embracing local Iraq elections

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