Wisdom and guidance

An advice offered by Imam al-Kazim (1) to Hisham bin al-hakam:

O Hisham!..Surely all people are able to see the “Stars (in the Sky)”, but none of them is able to be guided by them except the one who has knowledge of their movements and constellations. In similar way that you are studying “Wisdom-‘hikmah”, none of you is able to be guided by it except the one who acts by it. (jawahir al-bihar) (2)

من وصية الإمام الكاظم (عليه السلام) لهشام بن الحكم : يا هشام !.. إنّ كل الناس يبصر النجوم ، ولكن لا يهتدي بها إلا مَن يعرف مجاريها ومنازلها ، وكذلك أنتم تدرسون الحكمة ، ولكن لا يهتدي بها منكم إلا من عمل بها…. جواهر البحار



Mūsá ibn Ja‘far ibn Muḥammad al-Kāżim (Arabic: الإمام موسى الكاظم‎‎) (November 6, 745 AD – September 1, 799 / Safar 7, 128 AH – Rajab 25, 183 AH)[1] was the seventh of the Twelve Imams of the Shi’a Muslims of Jafary school of thought. And he is afterall a member of the prophet house hold “ahlul bait” He was the son of the sixth Imam, Ja‘far aṣ-Ṣādiq and his mother’s name was Hamidah Khātūn. Mūsá al-Kāżim was born during the power struggles between the Umayyad and the Abbasid. Like his father, he was assassinated by the Abbasids. He bore three notable children: the eighth Imām, ‘Alī ar-Riżá, and two daughters, Fāṭimah al-Ma‘sūmah and Hājar Khātūn.

(2) Translated by Katib

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