The gate to the Beloved

The gate to the Beloved

Often Man attempts to shine his or her physical image through various worldly notions, concepts, doctrines and other mundane elements of this lower world; such as sweet talks, man made philosophy, impressive superficial appearance and other worldly false facade all of which attracts similar types of people who pursue the amusements of this world. The light of the Beloved is destined to shine and pierce through the lower aspect of Man, his dense ego; the earth of Man is represented by his body –badan al-insan. But Man has the potential to allow the divine inner light to glow from within and that is “the light of his Lord-noor u rabhi”; such divine Light-noor is not to draw its energy from without rather it draws its energy from within; from its own divine fuel “zaitu-ha”, without any worldly agents; glamor, prestige, fame, and power through which Man is constantly in dire need to maintain his worldly status or image;

“the oil whereof would well-nigh give light [of itself] even though fire had not touched it-24:35”

يَكَادُ زَيْتُهَا يُضِيءُ وَلَوْ لَمْ تَمْسَسْهُ نَارٌ

Within Man there is the Divine which is destined to manifests itself upon his pursuant of the Ultimate Truth; when Man begins the process of soul’s purification “tazkiyatul nafs” the first step towards this process is being God conscious “mutta’qi”, then the first divine spark is initiated. Know that Pursuant of this “path of ta’qwa“-‘tari’qul-ta’qwa, leads to the Post which points to the Divine Path. If Man fails to uphold this station of ta’qwa then such divine Post may vanish before the eyes of the heart. But if he is consistent in his attempts to purify his soul then his soul arrives at another divine Post which points to the divine Garden of Love. The vehicle which is needed to carry him through to this station, the Divine Garden, is “patience-‘sabr”. The mysterious vehicle of “’sabr” is a divine breeze of the Garden of Love; without it the Garden cannot sustain itself.

‘sabr is a Divine prison of the soul and it represents a station of the true lovers of the unseen world “’alam algaib” where ascension towards the sublime world of the Beloved is made possible. Man often falls in love with seen entities or things but falling in Love in unseen things is the highest forms of Love. While the soul is imprisoned it is at the presence of the Divine. Connection with the higher station of reality begins to manifest itself upon the engagement of man in the acts of i’hsan towards the agents of God’s Mercy; His creation. I’hsan is a mysterious notion of existence which represents the divine gate to the hidden realities of the Ultimate Truth and to the Garden of the Beloved. The mu’hsin-good doer, will radiate with His Lord’s Light;

39:69 And the earth shone with the light of her Lord

وَأَشْرَقَتِ الْأَرْضُ بِنُورِ رَبِّهَا


4 thoughts on “The gate to the Beloved”

  1. It is Love that is this light,
    the cause of creation
    and of the generations
    All else are words and folly

    Go mad with love,
    that is the path
    of the heart ,and the sigh
    of this traveler, I

    Ya Haqq!


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