Silence “sukut”

Silence is a reflection of the cosmological Eternal silence; the traces of the cosmological Equilibrium within the soul of Man. Silence is a true representation of the harmony within the cosmological Truth and it is a true form of Emptiness of the cosmos; of the divine consciousness.

Silence literally in Arabic is “sukut” which means rest “sukun (1)” or equilibrium. In respect to Man, silence is the equilibrium of his faculty of speech. When Man begins to speak he is causing his vocal cords to be disturbed from its original state of “sukun or sukut-rest or silence” then he is in essence causing disturbance, but a true truth seeker is suppose to maintain the state of equilibrium and not to cause disturbance, hence this disturbance is aught to ultimately preserve the integrity of stillness and equilibrium of his soul. His speech is aught to advocate equilibrium to others. His speech is as a result of disturbance, of his vocal cords, but for the sake of equilibrium-truth, within others; to advocate goodness and tranquility, through his words, which are the ingredient of “equilibrium of the cosmos” Imam Ali “alihiassalm” states:”

So long as the Muslim is silent he is decreed as a good doer-muhsin, but if he talks then he may be decreed as a good doer or evil doer.”

A true Muslim must commit his speech and words to uphold the divine Balance of the cosmological consciousness. If he must to cause disturbance in his vocal cords to express himself then he must commit such disturbance for the sake of doing good and to be good doer. Hence silence has its marvels and divine effects upon the inner being of the silent person and a disciplinary effects upon the opposite side or upon those who are subjected to such silence and upon the Shaitan, as Imam Ali states;

“no act which displeases the Shaitan than silence and that nothing punishes the ignorant one than leaving him alone in silence.”

When we are silent it is no longer us, our inner thoughts merge with the cosmological silence. The cosmological silence will speak on your behalf in Silence.



footnote: (1) lisan alarab

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