The true insolvent

“One day the messenger of Allah (sAaww) asked his companions; do you know who the insolvent really is? They replied; “the insolvent among us is the one who do not possess any money or sustenance. Then the messenger of Allah (sAaww) said; “the insolvent from among my community is the one who would come on the day of Judgement with his prayer and fasting and Zakat; but at the same time he had verbally abused this person, and he slandered that person, and had ripped off someone’s wealth and he had shed the blood of that person and he had beaten this person. Then he loses his good deeds to this person and to that person (his good deeds are distributed among those whom he had abused). So if his good deeds run out and he still has not paid back his dues to them (from his good deeds), then the bad deeds of those whom he wronged will be thrown at him and then he will be thrown into Hell fire.” (albihar)(Translated from Arabic by Katib)

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