Islam and pregnant women

The rewards of pregnant women

It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam that:

“When the woman becomes pregnant, all angles of heaven would pray for her forgiveness as well as all the creatures of the sea. For everyday Allah would write in her account the reward of one thousand good deeds and forgives one thousand misdeeds.

When the child labor commence, Allah would give her the rewards of those who struggle for the sake of Allah, the reward of the Martyrs and the pious ones. Her sins would be cleansed like a new born. In addition, Allah would give her the rewards of seventy pilgrimages.

When she nurses her child, for every drop of milk Allah would reward her one good deed and forgives one misdeed. Even the heavenly creatures of Paradise-‘hur al’ien, pray to Allah for her forgiveness.”

روي عن رسول الله (صلى الله عليه وآله

إذا حملت المرأة تستغفر لها الملائكة في السماء والحيتان في البحر، وكتب الله لها في كل يوم ألف حسنة، ومحا عنها ألف سئية فإذا أخذها الطلق كتب الله لها ثواب المجاهدين وثواب الشهداء والصالحين، وغسلت من ذنوبها كيوم ولدتها أمها، وكتب الله لها ثواب سبعين حجةفإن أرضعت ولدها كتب لها بكل قطرة من لبنها حسنة، وكفر عنها سيئة، واستغفر لها الحور العين في جنات النعيم

Prepared and translated by Muwafag Aboud Mubareka,

Some English editing by Adill Hissan


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26 thoughts on “Islam and pregnant women”

  1. Waalikumassalam sister Fatega

    I am glad for your sister to have found comfort form this prophetic hadeeth. I ask Allah the almighty to give her strength and patience through out her pregnancy and make it easy birth and to grant her a healthy and virtuous child.




  2. salaam,

    wot a beautiful hadith,i have never heard this before and it has made me extremely happy as i am pregnant with my 1st child. do u kno any duas one can read when pregnant?



  3. Assalamu alikum Sister Zara

    Sorry for my late response. I am happy that you found some comfort in this hadeeth.
    My recommendation for Du’as during pregnancy is to refer to this website:

    Insha’a Allah you will find some good Du’a to help you through your pregnancy.

    And in addition to that, my humble recomendation for you is to recite the following prophetic divine words at all times and specificlly during your delivery time; you can say them or someone else next to you. These words are very simple and shorts:

    Ya thal Jalali wal ikram (repeat as many times as you can)
    (meaning: O possessor of Majesty and Generosity)
    The prophet of Islam says that we must insist in calling upon Allah (SW) by invoking these two divine attributes during our difficult times.
    May Allah be with you all time and will Grant you a wonderful healthy child.



  4. Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh….

    jazakAllah khair 4 sharing it…mashaAllah such a beautiful hadith…can you please quote the source?

    JazakAllah khair 1ce again =)



  5. thank you very much sis
    These are great blessings from the Almighty God for us thanx for sharing i did not such kind of things before


  6. I never knew that pregnant women hold such a high rank in islam and in Allah Ta’alas makes me feel truly blessed to be pregnant and i no longer want to take it for granted.. it is a great mercy and a mircle from our creator. Insha Allah Allah rewards each and every preganant woman and mother out there. n makes it eay for us to understand how great this miracle is. I can handle evry pain and discomfort which comes with pregnancy so much better after reading this and insha Allah i will bear patience knowing that there is great reward for me in i. Aameeen


  7. Ssallamu alaykkum arahamatullah Wabarakatuhu,

    In fact, i am well pleased with the sharing and I pray that may Almighty God grant you more wisdom to shapen up the faith muslims most especially women because the way Islam is being practiced now adays is in contrary to the will of God and as well to the hadeeth of prophet muhammed ( S A W ).

    There’s so much pregnancy abortion from today youth muslims and I think scholars have tried their best by addressing the gravities behind the abortion and the rewards for uphold pregnants. I just pray that may God make them understand the rewards that lies in holding on to pregnant.

    Jazakallahu Khair


  8. JAZAKALLAH may almighty Lord bless u for sharing this. I never knew about this and reading this actual happiness n very fortunte kind of a feeling tht i m pregnant. i cannot shre my happiness which i felt on reading this in words jazakallah once again


  9. JAZAKALLAH may almighty Lord bless u for sharing this. I never knew about this and reading this actual happiness n very fortunte kind of a feeling tht i m pregnant. i cannot shre my happiness which i felt on reading this in words jazakallah once again


  10. mashallah,,, mashallah,,, mashallah,,,, i am really feeling a great strength in me after reading this. i thank allah for giving me all this rewards n i pray to hav a safe n easy child birth n hope to bring up my child as a nake momen musalman… aamen..

    thanks n regards



  11. my wife is pregnent and now when i was searching sites to take good care of her, i found this site informing about allah’s tabarak wa ta’ala’s mercy on a pregnent women – i am very proud to be a muslim and my wife being pregnent.
    Alhamdulillah – Please readers pray for my wife and my child to be healthy, happy and obedient.

    Thanks to the creaters of this site…..many thanks
    Mohammed Azharuddin


  12. assalam wa alikum friends,
    as i am expecting, i wanted to know the islamic view about pregnancy, n today i am very happy to know the blessings of ALLAH, I am proud of being MUSLIM, thank you so much……..


  13. maasha allah i feel so happy and delighted in hearing this beautiful hadis alhamdilillah i feel great and would carrying patience and would go through the pain and would do many more gooddeeds as possible insha allah inspite of tne reward from my rabbu allah …all muslims pray fr me nd others as am on my 9mnth jazakallah


  14. Lailaha ilallah.assalamualaykom and thank you for the great information.i didnt know how lucky i am to be crying while reading this hadith.because before i thought that being pregnant bring mylife to be mesirable and i cant injoy my life as i want,but now im sencerly happy and accept my pregnancy for whatever it brings for the seek of ALLAH im giving ap everything even my life.sukran katir


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