The cry of Imam Ali (as)

Imam Ali’s spiritual eyes enabled him to pierce through the thick dimension of time. His pure reality which connects to the Ultimate Truth of this existence; the creator of all things including the dimension of time, made the dimension of time to be annihilated before his spiritual vision “ba’sira” to see the state of humanity in the future. According to Imam Ali’s statement below you aught to appreciate his true status in connection to the divine knowledge of the universe. Here is what he said:

Cast your glance over people wherever you like, you will see either a poor man suffering from poverty, or a rich man ignoring Allah despite His bounty over him, or a miser increasing his wealth by trampling on Allah’s obligations, or an unruly person closing his ears to all counsel.

Where are your good people; where are your virtuous people?
Where are your high spirited men and generous men?
Where are those of you who avoid deceit in their business and remain pure in their behaviour?
Have they not all departed from this ignoble, transitory and troublesome world?

Have you not been left among people who are just like rubbish and so low that lips avoid mention of them and do not move even to condemn their low position; “Verily we are Allah’s and verily unto Him shall we return.” (Qur’an, 2:156)”….. (Imam ali, Nahjulbalagha)


4 thoughts on “The cry of Imam Ali (as)”

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