Muslims have failed themselves in Iraq and not the Americans

Muslims have failed themselves in Iraq and not the Americans

There has been tremendous attention given by the world community, of all walks of life, to the American military intervention in Iraq. In fact it has become a central issue in the western political elections through which political candidates are being politically defined. As a result of the impact of this issue has had on the socio-political psyche of all people it has been exaggerated and manipulated to serve the interests of many religious, political and social establishments throughout the world and in particularly in the Muslim world which include the Middle East.

Since the fall of Saddam’s regime in Iraq and the new prospects of a western type of democracy to be implemented in the whole region of the Middle East, all the Muslim and Arab regimes were intimidated and profoundly shaken. Therefore they have launched their venomous propaganda media networks to exploit the issue of the invasion of Iraq and unfortunately the Muslim and the Arab people have bought into it. However I must point out here that the most venomous and effective propaganda which was immediately employed, after the invasion of Iraq, was by the religious establishment. Suddenly, they alleged, Islam is being attacked by the crusaders.

It is a known fact that Muslims are disunited today in their common goals and universal aspirations and they have been as such for many centuries. But surprisingly Muslims are united in their determination to hinder the new democratic system in Iraq under the pretext of opposing the American occupation regardless of the collective wishes of the Iraqi people. Muslim clergies have become very religious and ethical in respect to the American intervention to topple Saddam’s regime, but were not necessarily as such against Saddam’s brutal regime, despite his clear violation of human rights and atrocities he committed against the people of Iraq for 35 years.

According to the mentality of the majority of Muslims, such regime, of Saddam and the likes in the Muslim world do not warrant an opposition similar to that of the American intervention. According to these Muslims that an Arab brutal ruler is not their business to address and it does not concern Islam where a foreign power to remove such dictator is considered not Islamic!!!!!!

The Muslim world is very much infatuated with the wish and desire of the failure of the American Army in Iraq and the new political vision of the western powers towards the Middle East. Those Muslims along with their governments are so focussed on this issue to the level that they have become indifferent to the horrible plight of the Iraqi people. It does not matter how much suffering inflicted upon the Iraqi people as long as the Americans are prevented from making any progress which may help the Iraqi people. Those Muslims are consumed by their hate towards the Americans and such hate has claimed thousands of lives of innocent Iraqi people since the American invasion of Iraq. All Muslim media have been mobilized by their brutal governments such as, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Iran, and others, to unleash their propaganda machine to prevent any success in the new Iraq, because they are very much aware that success in Iraq means an end to their brutal political systems.

It is worth mentioning here that it is no brainer that the American intervention in Iraq was not done for the eyes of the Iraqi people nor to liberate Iraq form Saddam’s regime. I think this fact was clear before the invasion and after and it is known to those who planned the invasion of Iraq. I will not go into details of the real motives behind this invasion but I can safely say that it was mainly done for strategic ambitions and I believe that in order for these strategic ambitions are realized, Saddam’s regime is to be removed and bring an American type of democracy in Iraq. In reality Iraqis had two options, one is to stay under Saddam’s despicable rule for many more years with no light at the end of the tunnel, in addition live under the brutal united nation economic sanctions, or accept a foreign military intervention without Saddam’s terror and the economic sanctions. Well the Iraqis chose the foreign military intervention as an alternative to be able to live with honour and dignity, and regardless of what the motives of this foreign power.

Unfortunately all Muslim governments and the majority of Muslims were complicit in the crimes against the Iraqi people, directly or indirectly. Muslim governments were intimidated by the American military presence in the Middle East. They have actively engaged in destabilizing Iraq by giving military support to various criminal Muslim elements; such as al Qaeda, Mahdi Army, AnsarulSunna, and many others.

Hence we Muslims have truly failed the Iraqi people when we made the failure of the Americans in Iraq as our foremost objectives regardless of the wellbeing of the Iraqi people and the tremendous human sufferings. Our blind hate towards the Americans and the western people have played a major role in the misery of the people of Iraq in particular, and in the terrible current Muslim situation in the world in general. We must make the success and prosperity of our people as the main objectives in the current situation in Iraq while the American success or failure in Iraq should be taken as contingent because the Americans are there to serve their own interests. In other word, if the Iraqi people are able to elect their own government and decide their future then it becomes irrelevant that such steps are made possible by a foreign military intervention; you can call it an occupation or whatever, but to the oppressed it makes no difference of how the brutal oppression is elevated from his chest. If we focus on the plight of the Iraqi people rather than the failure of the Americans in Iraq then the sum result would be good and would bring peace and prosperity to the majority.

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