I pray to You, O’ my master

…I pray to You, O’ my master,

with a tongue that has been paralyzed by its sin,

O’ my Lord, I confide to You with a heart that has been doomed by its mischief;

I pray to You, O’ my Lord, frightened but wishful, hopeful but fearful If I contemplate my sins,

O’ my Lord, I become scared, but when I remember Your generosity I yearn,

So, if You forgive, You are the most merciful and if You punish, You have not unjustly judged.

My excuse, O’ Allah in my daring to ask You, even though I have committed what You hate, is Your benevolence and generosity,

and my preparation for my adversity, given that I lack shyness (in committing sin), is Your forbearance and mercy.

And I am wishful that my hope will not be disappointed, so fulfill my ambition and accept my prayer,

O’ The Best who was ever prayed to!

O’ The Most bountiful who was ever wished!…

..excerpt from du’a abu Hamza althumali, by Imam Zainul’abideen..

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