Tribute to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Every year we, Muslims, celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the hope to reflect upon the various challenges which face us as Muslims and the rest of our human family. Such celebrations are truly wonderful and the least we can do to honor such great personality as Prophet Muhammad; a man who had change the course of history forever; a man who had embodied all the attributes of the Supreme Creator of our universe. He taught us how to bring out our humanity above the superficiality of our egoistic self; how to rise above our various human imperfections and to transform them into elements of change and a new hope and a better future.; he asked us to embrace humanity with all of its hidden potentials, the good and the bad, and showed us how to transform the evil traits and inclinations within ourselves and to look at them as mere inevitable realities of what make us human and to utilize them as means to acknowledge our limitations as human beings and hence the need for a positive change in our character.

He took our hands towards the Hands of God in search for hope and tranquility within ourselves. He took the hands of those who wrong themselves and in despair of God’s mercy and who feel stranded at the shore of His Compassion, and he tells them that “do not despair from God’s Mercy and that God forgives all sins-quran”

He introduced a new definition of humanity; a humanity which transcends beyond our race, colors , and our limited ethnic values which divides us into many polarized entities and groups. He restored the dignity of slaves and gave them back their humanity and he restored the sacred status of women and gave it its rightful station in society and he told us that Paradise is honored and humbled to be under the feet of mothers.

He rejuvenated the traditions and teaching of all great prophets of humanity. He gave a different meaning to religion and gave its true definition in respect to life and had given wings to the spirit of religion to free itself from the iron bars of Mosques, churches…; he taught that if you want to feel the breeze of God’s mercy you can feel it through bringing smile to the orphans, to bring hope to the oppressed, to feed the hungry or to honor your parents. He introduced a comprehensive plan of leading a prosperous life from as small as how to brush your teeth and up to how to become righteous leader; and how to embrace all of humanity.

His wisdom was unique and unprecedented in respect to the ocean of wisdom which was already there. Such introduced wisdom pierced the hearts of the most primitive man of the Arabian desert and demolished the arrogance of the most elites of Arabia and the world. His divine wisdom has become a fundamental intellectual principles of all worldly institutions. They are an integral part of the higher intellectual aspect of millions of Muslims and non Muslims. Even those who are considered his cons they stand in salute to his great contributions to the advancements of our human civilizations.

Unfortunately there has been many attempts to distort the beautiful image of Prophet Muhammad which is mostly attributed to the many negative behaviors of Muslims throughout history. Despite all the negative propaganda against Prophet Muhammad which is caused by various reasons, Muslims and non Muslims, however it can not dim the light of Muhammad to shine upon the hearts of those who see the world through their universal eyes, the eyes of the heart; those who look at humanity as colorless and sacred and look at their fellow man as a miracle of the absolute Reality which is unfolding before their eyes and not as mere competition to their existence.

Prophet Muhammad has redefined the notion of leadership when he said “kullukum ra’in wa kullukummas’aoolun ‘an ra’yyatih-everyone is a Shepperd and is responsible for his herd or subjects” He showed us that leadership is not about ruling over the people’s minds and limbs rather is about ruling over the inner core of man; to shift our focus towards the aspect of righteousness vested within us. And he showed that only through this aspect of man, a meaningful leadership is realized.

He also has laid out a great social system through which he offered ways to embraced our mishaps and mistakes as means to draw near towards God, through repentance and seeking forgiveness , and to strive towards expiation of these mishaps and evil conducts through doing righteous actions towards our fellow man and hence he provided a viable social system through which we are enabled to improve our relationship with others and to serve better those whom we are suppose to serve. He brought an awareness of new dimension to man’s reality in respect to his world and his essential relationship to humanity.

He made us aware that we are an important creatures of God and that God is not mere ruthless avenger and destroyer rather he reminded us that God is the most merciful and that His mercy is encompassed all things when he said “God ‘s mercy has encompassed everything-Quran”

Furthermore, I would like to point out here that in essence we are engaged in continuous celebration of Prophet Muhammad’s legacy in every given moment of our lives and not necessarily limited to the exact of his day of birth. Honoring our Prophet begins at the inner level of ourselves. We try to emulate his examples of conducts in our dealings with our selves and others on daily basis; our treatment of spouses , children and neighbors. Our desire to establish a healthy bridge of communications with others who share with us humanity. In fact there is no single moment that I could think of in our lives that which prophet Muhammad is not at the center of it.

All humanity are indebted to prophet Muhammad’s knowledge and wisdom which has given our human civilizations the right push to be worthy of itself.

God help us all


2 thoughts on “Tribute to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)”

  1. Ameen, dear Brother. God help us all indeed 🙂

    A really beautiful and heartfelt and worthy tribute 🙂 Inshallah, one day all humanity will realize the debt it owes to the blessed Prophet (pbuh).

    Ya Haqq!


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