Tagged for book meme

I have been “Tagged” by br. darvish for a book meme tag, and the rules are as follows.

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages); 2. Open the book to page 123; 3. Find the 5th Sentence. 4. Post the next 3 sentences; 5. Tag 5 people. The choice of book nearest to me was the Master of The Jinn by Irving Krachmar, which I am enjoying now, but Br Irving beat me to it so I had to pick another book next to it which is titled “Mystical dimensions of Islam” by the late “Annmarie Schimmel” may Allah bless her soul. Here are the 3 sentences of page 123 of “Mystical dimensions of Islam”:

” For ‘Attar poverty and annihilation constitute the seventh and the last vale on the path leading to God, after the traveler has traversed the valleys of search, love, gnosis, independence, tauhid, and bewilderment (MT). Along this line of interpretations a phrase was invented that belongs among the standard sayings of later Sufism: al-faqr idha tamma huwa Allah, “when faqr becomes perfect (complete), it is God”. The heart annihilated with absolute poverty, lives in the eternal richness of God, or, rather, absolute poverty becomes absolute richness.” Page 123

I have tagged for this book meme;1- Br darvish; 2- Br Irshaad; 3- Br Abdur Rahman; 4- Br Sadiq; 5- Sister Achelois


9 thoughts on “Tagged for book meme”

  1. Saalam dear Katib,
    thanks so much for your kindness. Thats a beautiful quote indeed.

    Annmarie Schimmel was indeed a great scholar. May God bless her soul and thank you once again for tagging me.

    wish you all the best.


  2. Salaam alaikum Katib,

    You tagged me a while back – here’s the quote I found on pg 123:

    “In this station God says, ‘Repel with that which is more beautiful’ – referring here to His words ‘he makes the ugly act wholesome – and behold, he between whom and thee is enmity shall be as if he were a loyal friend. Yet none shall receive it,’ that is, this attribute, ‘except those who are patient’ (41:34) and restrain themselves from recompensing the ugly-doer with ugly-doing for his ugly-doing. Were the people to know the measure of that to which we are calling attention in this question, they would never recompense someone who performs ugly acts toward them with ugly-doing, and you would not see anyone in the cosmos save those who pardon and make wholesome.”


  3. Assalamualaikum Irshaad

    Thank you for your participation in the meme book. This is very nice quote and a good reminder for all to pursue good relationships and to contain hate.



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