The Imam, who deserves more rights to excellence?

Whoever assign himself as an Imam to people must begin teaching himself first before teaching others. So he ought to make his teachings to others be manifested through his conducts before it is taught by his tongue. And know that the one who teaches and discipline himself deserves more rights to excellence than he who teaches and discipline other people. (Imam Ali bin Abi talib)

. الإمام علي (ع): من نصب نفسه للناس إماماً فليبدأ بتعليم نفسه قبل تعليم غيره، وليكن تأديبه بسيرته قبل تأديبه بلسانه، ومعلّم نفسه ومؤدبها أحق بالإجلال من معلم الناس ومؤدبهم

6 thoughts on “The Imam, who deserves more rights to excellence?”

  1. An excellent reminder for Imams, as well as Priests, Ministers, Rabbis, and all who are responsible for guiding others in religion.

    Thank you, dear brother 🙂

    Ya Haqq!


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