Jesus’ birth is just another divine sign on the path of God’s Glory



Jesus’ birth is just another divine sign on the path of God’s Glory

My sincere congratulations and greetings of peace to all people of the world in general and to our Christian brothers and sisters in particular, for this auspicious occasion; the birth of the prince of peace Jesus, the son of marry (the blessing and peace be upon him and his mother). I would like to take this opportunity, in this wonderful occasion, to say few words regarding this great historical figure.

The birth of Jesus, from an Islamic perspective, represent the manifestation of God’s Might and Glory. He was caused by the word of God through the virgin Marry. And the holy Quran hold Jesus in a very high station from the moment of his conception, until his death(1). According to the holy Quran, Jesus was defined as pure reality from childhood ” a son endowed with purity19:19 ” and he was designated as a symbol of hope and mercy to mankind, as stated in “ We shall make him a symbol unto mankind and mercy from US19:21” And there are a lot more Quranic verses which signify the greatness and the importance of Jesus (pbuh) to the universal message of mankind.

Jesus’ birth is just another divine sign on the path of God’s Glory. It represented God’s love and compassion toward humanity. It is just another invitation, by the most high, to all mankind to seek Him, the Beloved, through love and peace among each other. And he was God’s gift to all of mankind, as a token of love from the Beloved, the creator of all things, as He the most high stated in his divine words of the holy Quran: “[The angel] answered: I’ am but a messenger of thy Sustainer, [who says,] `I shall bestow upon thee the gift of a son endowed with purity. 19:19″
Jesus the son of Marry has inspired millions of people of all denominations throughout history and still represent the symbol of hope and peace to all people of faiths. Jesus in Islam is highly revered and it is no secret that we consider him as a messenger of the most high Allah ‘azza wajall. The issue of Jesus’ father and his kinship to God has been the central point of dispute between Muslims and Christians since the advent of Islam.This difference of opinion over his relationship to God , his divinity or being the only gate to salvation, must not shadow his great message of peace and love to mankind. It is an established fact that the personality of Jesus, the son of marry, his birth , his life and death is shrouded by mystery and a lot of ambiguity. However it is clear from our Islamic traditions and the holy Quran that Jesus was a special and unique personality, and he stood out from among the rest of God’s messengers.

I hope that Muslims and Christians would take Jesus as a symbol of unity in the common goals of mankind that is to serve our fellow man in accordance to the pure consciousness of Jesus, Muhammad, Moses and all other great symbols of humanity.

God Bless

And merry Christmas to all


Foot notes:

(1) The issue of Jesus death is disputed among Muslims. However, according to my humble understanding of the Quran, I believe that Jesus had died. In future posting I will discuss this issue at length insha’aAllah.

9 thoughts on “Jesus’ birth is just another divine sign on the path of God’s Glory”

  1. Happy New Year to you and your family, brother 🙂 May Allah bless you all with health, happiness, and ever increasing love and wisdom. Ameen.

    Ya Haqq!


  2. Great post, I wish more people understood that it’s not “the Judeo-Christian tradition,” as it was phrased when I was in divinity school, but the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition. The three faiths are, as a matter of historical fact, highly related to each other.


  3. Dear Br Paul Martin

    I appreciate your comment and I pray to the creator of all things to see more people, like yourself who would act upon the true message of Jesus in reaching out to other peoples of faith.

    Happy new year



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