The state of al-fana’- Annihilation of the self


The state of al-fana’

Metaphysical reflections

Annihilation of self; al-fana’ is an extraordinary mystical notion of creation in relation to the spiritual and physical stations of existence. The metaphysical definition of al-fana’ is the unification; al-iti’had, of one’s inner self with the Essence of God. al’hallaj (1) is renowned for his attainment of the status of “al-fana’” when he uttered his famous statement “ana-al’ha’qq– I am the truth” which had cost him his life.
There have been a great wealth of writings regarding the doctrine of al’hallaj“ana-al’ha’qq” over the years. The best ever short commentary written about the famous statement of al’hallaj “I am-ana-al’ha’qq” was by the great Sufi master Rumi, three centuries later and he stated that [People imagine that it is a presumptive claim; to say I am the Truth, whereas it is really a presumptive claim to say “I am the slave of God”; and “I am al’ha’qq-the Truth” is an expression of great humility. The man who says “I am the slave of God” affirms two existences, his own and God’s, but he that says “I am al’ha’qq-the Truth” has made himself non-existent and has given himself up and says “I am the Truth”, that is, “I am naught, He is all; there is no being but God’s.” This is the extreme of humility and self-abasement.” (2)]

This is truly a profound insight in respect to al’hallaj’s statement, offered by Rumi and it would certainly vindicate al’hallaj after being condemned by the main stream Muslims. Unfortunately, main stream Muslims are very judgmental of others and often do not hesitate to shed the blood of any Muslim regardless of their basic beliefs in the unity of Allah and the messenger hood of Muhammad. Often many Muslims today shed the blood of their fellow man simply for his or her interpretation of non fundamental issues as it is evident in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the rest of the world. Interestingly enough, Rumi himself has been condemned and declared as heretic by the main stream Muslims.

Now back to the issue, as Rumi stated above that is the true meaning of al’hallaj‘s statement to be as “I am naught, He is all” which follows that the only way to appreciate your reality is by purging the illusionary projection of the egoistic self “I am” for it is mere veil which stands between the true projection of the reality of the self and the divine source of such projection, of the true reality. It is only through this kind of inner vision which ultimately would enable the individual to establish a real connection with rest of God’s creations. Our perceived human values and definitions are redefined and consequently it assumes its true rights of meanings within the self. when we truly realize the true meaning of “I am naught He is all” then only then all of our human goals and aspirations are unified, for all have realized that “He is all” Our sense of perceptions of the worldly values of coexistence will no longer compete against each other rather all will have the urge to go through the gate of humanity to meet the source of the ultimate Truth and the cause of the true projection of the universal consciousness.

The essence of al’hallaj’ doctrine could be defined into two folds. The first one is the notion of “wa’hdat-alwujood-the Unity of Being” and the second one is “the unity of existents-wahdat almawjood“. In other words, as for the first fold, he proposes the notion of the unity of the Necessary Being in respect to the domain of the longitudinal system of the cosmos. This means that through out the various domains of existence that is the manifest and unseen dimensions, there is essentially only One Reality which is self- existing, sustained, un-caused, ever living and so on. This Exalted Reality is “a’had-unique” , and “wahid-One” in essence but not “one” in number. He is ever abiding as “One” but yet emanate from His command-amr multiplicity, of all possible beings, out of nothingness.

And as for the second fold, he proposes the notion of the unity of the possible beings in respect to the latitudinal system; that is all creations are united in their essence, as in “..we have created you from one soul 4:1” and non really exist, in the lower dimension of existence, in the true sense of existence, except the Absolute reality of the Necessary Being. Hence emerges the notion of the unity of the Reality of Being-wahdat ha’qi’qat alwujood, at all levels of dimensions of the cosmos.

A true believer’s heart when he attains the ultimate Truth and purges his egotistic being, will be lost in the contemplation of God and he will be in the state of “fana’ ” or perished in the Majesty of God. Such people attain this reality of “fana’ ” while they are in the phenomenal world even before their worldly term has come to an end. These kinds of people have achieved a Transcendent Reality and have annihilated their own being to become one with the ONE. And they have realized that:

All existence is immersed in the Majesty, Bounty and Honor of al-wadood
All essences of everything will become One.
All things will be annihilated by the burning fire of the One.
All fires will be burned by the fire of the One.

May Allah’s Glory manifest itself to the hearts of mankind



(1) al’hallaj is a great Sufi master who was born on 858 A.D in Persia and grew up in Baghdad-Iraq. He was martyred in 922, as a result of his controversial statement which expressed the nature of his mystic union: ana-al’ ha’qq (“I am the Truth”).
(2) Excerpt taken from

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