How do you feel in the morning?


Imam Hussain bin Ali bin abi Talib (as) was asked:
O son of the messenger of Allah; How do you feel this morning; Then Imam Hussain replied;
I began my morning and I acknowledged that I have a Lord watching over me;
and a fire before me, and death is seeking me;
and accountability is starring at me;
and I am held in pledge by my actions.
And I am not finding what I like, and unable to avert away what I dislike;
and all matters are in the hands of someone other than me, if He (SW) wishes to chastise me or He (SW) wishes to forgive me.
Lo, is there any weak man out there who is weaker than me?


Tradition is taken from Misbah asharee’ah
Photo Credit: by Oscar Vall Gallen-lg


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