A sincere believer is like water






“A sincere believer is like water “…. Prophetic Hadeeth

“Think of the clarity, softness, purity, and observe their discipline in His obligations and advantages. So if you use them respectfully, the springs of the advantages will burst for you presently. Then mix with the creatures (servants) of Allah like the mixture of water with things. It gives everything its due without any change in its own meaning. Let your clearness with Allah, the most high, be like the clearness of water as He sent down from the sky and called “purifier-tahir” (Misbah Ashari’a)

This is truly profound hadeeth and beautiful short commentary above. You can learn a lot from it, for water has endless attributes.

Water is being shapeless and fluid in movement; A true believer should be always evolving with time, always changing in accordance to the necessities of change which present itself in the world so that he will be useful element in the society.

Water is soft in nature; A true believer should be soft as water and not rigid in his dealings with others.

Water is a source of life; A true believer should protect and preserve life and be an agent of giving life to others.

Water is a universal principle of life which dose not discriminate against anyone who is in need of it; A true believer should be universal in his vision towards the world. And not to attach himself to a specific geographical area or race and tend not to care for the rest of people

Water put out people’s thirst or need; A true believer, wherever he is, he should fulfill people’s need of knowledge, their need of love; their need of hope.

A true believers should revive any land or community if they enter it; just like water when it is sent down from heavens to a dead land it will revive it as it is stated in 22:5

“ thou seest the earth barren and lifeless, but when We pour down rain on it, it is stirred (to life), it swells, and it puts forth every kind of beautiful growth (in pairs) 22:5”

A true believer should be an element of peace; in resolving disputes; just like water when it put out fires.

Be like water, for the Throne of the Beloved was upon Water;

“and His throne was upon the water 11:7”


This hadeeth of the beloved Prophet is truly like water; you could draw from it endless wisdom to all.


Credtit: Hadeeh and quote from Misbah Ashri’a was given to me by a dear friend of mine, May Allah reward him for this dose of knowledge.

Photo: http://www.cepolina.com

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