Iraq’s dire situation is true reflection of the Muslim’s flawed teachings

I believe that sectarian violence in Iraq is true testimony to the failures of most, if not all, Muslims in truly understanding Islam and its true universal values. Muslim’s false perception of Islam is reflected in the current situation of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world.Iraq represent a case study of the distorted Muslim perception of Islam. If we look at those Muslim armed movements in Iraq we find them to be coming from variety of Muslim races. They represent a cross section of the Muslim world; Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, Tunisia,, and etc. All of these Muslim insurgents are being recruited, trained, De-brain and sent to Iraq with one thing in mind that is to kill as many innocent people as possible, in the name of fighting the occupiers. When you look at the demography of these Muslim terrorists and where they come from, which represent the whole spectrum of the Muslim world, it make you wonder about the Muslim’s perception of Islam.

This reality truly merits a closer look at our teachings which I believe has been corrupted by
the enemies of Islam through out history. One of the main problems I believe is the abuse of authority of our Muslim leaders. Those leaders have declared themselves as God on earth and Muslims have surrendered their will to them.

What is really disturbing here that you find Most Muslim political movements and governments condone and contribute to the killings of civilians in Iraq. For example: Hamas, who have declared “Zarqawi as the prince of martyrs” where Zarqawi had openly declared war against the Shi’as of Iraq; but for that he was given the medal of honor by Hamas. And unfortunately Hamas is a recognise Muslim movement in the Muslim world today and they are seen by many Muslims through out the world as a legitimate Muslim political movement. Hamas have declared three days mourning for Zarqawi’s death.

This really make you wonder about the legitimacy of any group when they show such support for someone like Zarqawi.

The other Muslim country who have contributed to civilian killings of Iraqis, is Iran. They are supplying arms to Shi’a militia groups such as the “Muqtada Al-Sader militia and others . The Iranians are engaging the Americans, through their proxies in Iraq to protect their interests only, on Iraqi soil regardless of the its devastating effects on the well being of the Iraqi people and their future. Such facts are confirmed by many Shi’a renowned, politicians in the Iraqi current government who were great supporters of Iran during the revolution in 1979; stated on Iraqi TV. In doing so, they have absolutely no respect to the will of the Iraqi people who have elected their own government and they are capable of handling the occupation issue.

Syria provide arms, money and training to the “Holy warriors of Islam!!!!” and give a safe haven to former Ba’th party members who were responsible for murdering Millions of Muslims; Iraqis and Iranians over the span of 35 years of ruling Iraq.

Saudi Arabia provide money and arms to Sunni militia groups and permits their clergy men to shed the blood of the Shi’as of Iraq openly.

In addition, I believe there are Millions of Muslims around the world support the so called “Muslim insurgency” or the “holy war” in Iraq, which is the main cause of Iraqi victims. All those kind of Muslims are guilty of genocide.

Some one might ask; how come I did not mention the Americans and its allies as one of the causes of the Iraqi victims. Yes they are a factor but, frankly speaking killings caused on the hands of Muslims far exceeds those numbers which is caused by the Americans; this disparity in numbers make the American factor very minute. And this notion should not Shadow the the fact of the civilian killings by Muslims. In addition, the further the insurgency persist in their armed resistance the more excuse for the allied forces to prolong their occupation of Iraq.

May Allah helps all


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