Jesus and his Son hood to God


His Son hood to God

Universal Perspective

I as a Muslim respect the Christians’ passion toward “Jesus” and frankly speaking this passion is the only spiritual bond that I have with Christians, for Jesus is the embodiment of one of the most fundamental principles of existence that is “LOVE”

Recently I have found a post by titled “Jesus – I and the father are one” was indeed very dignifying to the person of Jesus and it is a lot more dignifying than many of the writings, concerning Jesus, offered by many Christians today.

It is important for our Christian brothers to know that Muslims believe in the great message of ‘Jesus” and revere him tremendously for he is a messenger of God. I do not think that such classifications of Jesus, by Muslims, would anger “Jesus” himself for Muslims believe in the essence of his message.
Is it a crime if Muslims have some reservations regarding the divinity of “Jesus” and his relationship to God? What is more important to “Jesus”; his kinship to God or his great message of peace and love to all?
In my opinion, Jesus will not hold the same resentment against those who believe in the essence of his message and have some reservations regarding his kinship to God. We could find the answer to these questions when we meet him at the day of resurrection.

So my dear Christian brothers stay on the course of Jesus and concentrate on his philosophy of love and tolerance and not so much on his kinship to God.

Muslims consider such concerns, divinity doctrine, and the son hood to God, to be accidental and not essential to Jesus’ message; of love and peace. And Muslims believe in Jesus message which should be the main focus of all disputing parties, Muslims, Christians, Jews and others.
There are a lot of common grounds between Muslims and Christians which enable both to work together to make the world a better place for all. At least both revere the same beloved “Jesus” which really merits cooperation and good relations to address the various problems of our people around the Globe.
There is no harm in discussing theological issues concerning both faiths, Christianity and Islam. Such discussions should be respectful and be committed towards understanding each other’s way of life so that the sum results of such intellectual interaction would ultimately serve the ultimate goals of Jesus and Mohamad (the blessing and peace be upon them both).

Christians should remember that, under no circumstances you could find one Muslim in the whole world would disrespect, mock or attribute lies to “Jesus” rather there is the opposite. On the other hand you shall find many people belong to the Christian faith would engage in those negative approaches against Jesus, under many pretexts, mainly entertainment covers and other excuses.

Peace upon all


4 thoughts on “Jesus and his Son hood to God”

  1. Salaam Katib,

    You’ve brought up a point that should be kept in mind but is frequently forgotten – “under no circumstances could you find one Muslim in the whole world who would disrespect, mock or attribute lies to Jesus” – despite theological differences this one fact should draw Muslims and Christians closer to one another.


  2. Wa’alaikum Assalam Irshaad

    You are right, such point is “frequently forgotten” which, like you said ” should draw Muslims and Christians closer to one another.”

    Well said and thank you for input.



  3. To deny Jesus was the Son of God is to accept the attitude of the high priest and other 72 members of the Sanhedrin Court, that for him to confess this was blasphemy and deserving of death.

    Islam has denied what Jesus confessed and which was the cause of his crucifixion.

    Christians cannot believe that love for the message of Jesus is greater than believing Jesus when he confessed “I am”, to the question if he was the Son of the Blessed.

    To Muslims this issue of Jesus as the Son of God is not important, but then it is important, otherwise the claim “God has no son would mean nothing.

    What is needed is for Muslims to respect the Christian faith that stands in honor of Jesus for his claim he was the Son of the Blessed. Muslims can deny this. But if they desire common ground in regards to love, than accepting Christian faith that Jesus was the Son of God would be the greatest love a Muslim can show a Christian. Love in difference is greater than love in agreement.

    Jesus either was the Son of God or he lied to the high priest. And if he lied, he died on the Cross for a lie. Christians will never agree to accept Jesus lied or died for a lie.

    Pastor G. Reckart


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