Muslims do not have human rights, in their Muslim land, but have them in the non-Muslim land

Muslims and the Western Wrold

“If you are thankful then I shall increase you in blessings” Quran


I would like to shed the light on an important issue which has made me redefine my own perception of Islam in the west. I , like any other Muslim in this world, have gone through oppression and been influenced by faulty man made ideologies and distorted Muslim knowledge; which is not a true representation of Islam. Unfortunately, many Muslims today consider the western world to be polytheists. I personally find such classification to be amusing and puzzling at the same time. Having lived my first 22 years of life in the Middle East, which Muslims call it the Muslim world, I must admit here something that many Muslims may not be prepared to admit. My first 22 years of my life, in the Muslim world, I have never felt the true meaning of human being, for Muslims are deprived of it in their Muslim land. So the first time I got to feel the true meaning of Human being is the moment I have put my foot on non-Muslim land. This is harsh reality to accept for any Muslim. Why is it that a Muslim can’t live in a Muslim land with dignity and self respect and deprived from his basic rights? And why is it that Muslims are able to claim their humanity in the non Muslim lands?

A good example of this, if we take the recent case of the Muslim Canadian Maher ‘Arrar in Canada, who was arrested in the US based on false Canadian intelligence information linking him to a terrorist organization. Consequently he was deported to his native homeland Syria. In Syria he was jailed and tortured for about one year. Then the Canadian government worked toward his release and finally he was set free by the Syrians and a public inquiry was held by the Canadian government to look into the reasons which led to his arrest and deportation. Finally in February 2007 he was cleared of all terrorist allegations and a lawsuit was awarded to him for $8 Million Dollars. This is in short, but the point I am trying to make here is Mr. ‘Arrar was jailed and tortured by people of his own type; they shared with him the same religion “Islam” and the same race “Arab” but he was tortured and jailed with no proof and any due process. It seems the Americans and the Canadians refused to do the dirty work, so they asked the Syrians and they welcomed the Idea because the Muslims government are very good at that.

But looking at the final judgment of this case that is a vindication, 8 $Million Dollars in compensation, and most important of them, is an official apology from the Prime Minster of Canada, then I believe that every Canadian should be proud of this country.

This is truly remarkable to see a non Muslim country restore the rights of its citizen based on his humanity and not his race or religion. We must remember that what make this event extraordinary is that the crime of torture and incarceration was committed by people of his type; his native land; the Muslim land, but his rights were striped away and frankly speaking, had it not been for Canada vouching for him he would have been killed in that jail and I am certain that Mr. ‘Arrar would agree with me. Canada, non–Muslim, as a nation has acknowledged its error and took all the necessary steps to uphold justice and restore the dignity of Muslim Canadian.

Canada has not only acknowledged its responsibility in the Arrar affairs but also has punished those who were responsible for this injustice; the head of the Royal Canadian Mount Police-RCMP has resigned and other officials may have reprimanded. Someone might say that it was the fault of the Canadians and the Americans officials for Arrar’s ordeal. I say to that yes it was but the Canadian government had the option to do nothing but instead took a proper action to restore justice. Where as non of the Muslim countries have ever done anything remotely close, rather as we speak Muslims are being jailed and tortured unjustly with no inquiry; no investigations, no due process and worst than this is in many cases no one allowed to follow up on such matters; no accountability.

Another example of this is the case of the Miss Kazimi, the Muslim Canadian women who was arrested, tortured, raped, and killed at the hands of her “Muslim brothers in Islam”!!!!. Her crime, according to Iranian Muslim authorities, she has taken unauthorized photos to an off limits site; a jail. She was brutally tortured and raped and died as a result of her injuries. An Iranian doctor who examined her body confirmed such details after he escaped to France. Now we have a Muslim Canadian, Kazmi, who was killed by her native Muslim people, and no Muslim government in the Muslim world demanded the rights of this innocent women; neither neutral inquiry nor any investigations in the matter, was ever held by the Muslim Iranian government. But Canada, a non-Muslim nation, has demanded from the Iranians, Muslim country, to restore the rights of a Muslim Iranian by birth and Canadian by choice, but the Iranians denied the Canadian request. As a result Canada has severed its diplomatic relations with Iran till today; in essence, by cutting diplomatic ties with Iran, over Miss Kazmi murder, could mean a huge economical loss for Canada, but Canada decided to compromise all that for one single human life regardless of its ethnic background. As foot note, I chose to comment on these two examples, Mr. Arrar and Miss Kazimi, for the sake of truth and I do not know both parties.

Another example of this, is the recent allegations of “Afghan’s detainees abuse” the report suggests that there were some Taliban Afghan fighters detained by the Canadian Military in Afghanistan. Those detainees were later handed over to the Afghan authorities. Later on there were some reports alleges that those prisoners were being abused by the Afghans prison authorities. This report came to the attention of the Canadian government and it has become a serious political issue, and it is still being discussed in the highest Canadian political body that is the Canadian Parliament. Looking at this issue from my perspective as a Muslim Canadian, we have a group of Muslims- Afghan Taliban, are being abused by their own people in terms of race and religion. Furthermore, the Canadian government is a non-Muslim entity and the alleged crime of abuse is not committed on Canadian soil or by Canadians rather on Afghan soil and by the same people; Afghans, but yet we see the Canadians are pursuing this matter and trying to do the right thing that is to prevent injustice.

Once again the non-Muslim fights for the rights of a Muslim, where a Muslim is been wronged by another Muslim.

After citing these few examples in Canada I can sincerely say that “I am proud to be a Muslim Canadian” And such good conducts and the desire to preserve justice in Canada, will always be a shining spots in the history of Canada. And our future generations will have something to be proud of. And for this reason, I believe that Canada a great nation.

As a parallel example to the above situation, at the early stage of Islam, the Arabs were persecuting Muslims in Makka, the prophet Mohammad had ordered his followers to go to the Christian land of Abyssinia and said his famous statement in this regard: “go to the Land of Abyssinia for there is a Just king”. History repeats itself where Muslims are being oppressed by their own people.
In another words, we can say that a Muslim in his own Muslim land do not have basic rights but have his rights in the non-Muslim land.
I leave you at this note until next time to continue

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