Muslims have truly victimized Islam.

Muslims and the Western World

Part II

Muslims should really ponder over this harsh reality (see post “Muslims , in their Muslim land do not ..) And try to comprehend its causes, for it will definitely help us to better understand our great religion “Islam”. Islam is a universal religion and it is not limited to any geographical boundaries between countries. Islam in the Middle East is not fully understood by its people. They have not truly grasped its true dimensions. It was defined through their inherited cultural values which are not necessarily sanctioned by Islam.

In fact Muslims have truly victimized Islam.

Many negative practices and behaviors of many Muslims through out the world is a proof of their distorted perception of Islam. Many Muslims today are only Muslims by name but are not believers in Islam. They are true believers of their bad ancient cultures. We find in the Muslim world today, cultural practices often override Islamic directives and rules. A good example of these phenomena is the honor killings which are widely practiced in the Muslim world today. It represents the male domination complex. Such phenomena were inherited from their pre-Islamic era and are not supported by Islam. It is evident that most Muslims today are very much influenced by their tribal values, rules and their cultural values and Islam has no place in their hearts. The prophet of Islam has predicted the dire situation of Muslims and how Islam will be looked upon by people, when he said:

“Islam has come as strange and shall return as strange”

This extraordinary prophetic statement describes the exact situation of Islam today and how Muslims embrace it. It also shows how Islam is perceived by future generations. When Islam appeared in Arabia 1400 years ago it was fiercely rejected by the Arabs because it did not serve the interests of the elites. Those elites have a real hard time to accept the notion that a black slave person should be treated equally as free person. Islam has enabled slaves to gain their humanity and dignity.
Islam has given women their rightful place in society. Islam has introduced social, economic, legal systems which enables the inhabitants of this planet to establish the ultimate gaols of any civilization that is “Social justice”. Ironically Muslims today reject the true teachings of Islam which was introduced by the holy Prophet, his households and his true companions. True Islam seems to be strange in the eyes of the Muslims. Muslim extremists have exploited Islam for their own personal gains. In the light of what is happening in Iraq and other areas; the violence committed in the name of Islam reflects the true colors of those who posses faulty perception of Islam.

So the statement of Prophet Mohammad “Islam has come as strange and shall return as strange” has proven itself to be true and all the symptoms in the Muslim world today would prove his point.
Islam has set a complete system of life and social justice long before the whole world. Someone might say that the principle of social justice is already being adopted in the western world. I would say to that “yes” it is true that the western world have taken great steps toward these human principles, human rights, women rights, animal rights, etc…, but we must acknowledge the fact that Islam have introduced such human principles when the entire world was in darkness. It took the western world 1400 years after Islam to discover and adopt such principles; relatively speaking; the west still have a long way to establish social justice in the true sense of the word.

This is a clear proof that Islam is not man made philosophy, for it has preceded humanity in its vision in establishing, the dignity of human being, and social Justice for future generations. However in all fairness we must honor the western world in taking these great steps towards establishing social justice and they have achieved great steps in this regard. This is a fact and we as Muslims should admire the western people for making efforts to establish social justice among its people, including Muslims who are citizens of the west. Although many Muslims are in denial of it, but their migration to the western world proves just that.
It is a known fact today that Muslim migration to the west has never stopped and ever increasing every year and it is clear testimony of western social justice. Frankly speaking if the western world opens the doors of migration to all Muslims, no Muslim would stay in the Muslim world including their leaders. As we speak Muslims are lined up at the gate of the western embassies seeking migration to the west. Unfortunately you will see the same people, who are seeking to migrate to the west, will participate in anti western demonstrations and portray the western people as evil. I personally have seen and witnessed this behavior. In addition to those Muslims who are not yet granted permission to go to the west, we see some Muslims who have been granted such permission and after being enabled to begin new life in the west, then they quickly forget their miserable past in their former homeland and they begin to develop an anti-western stand. Unfortunately some of them may go so far as to conspire and plan to commit murder in the name of Islam.

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